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Khloé Kardashian addresses leaked bikini photo, defends removing it from internet

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The 36-year-old reality star took to Instagram on Wednesday night to address a leaked bikini photo of herself that accidentally made its way onto the internet recently. The post of the unedited photo of the "Keeping ...

La famiglia della personalità di Internet adolescente Bianca Devins affronta il suo assassino durante l'udienza emotiva

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La famiglia di Bianca Devins, la diciassettenne personalità di Internet il cui luglio 2019 omicidio è stato trasmesso online dal suo assassino, lo ha affrontato in tribunale nella sua udienza di condanna martedì. Prima che arrivasse la sentenza ...

Il Senegal limita Internet mentre si intensificano le proteste per l'accusa di stupro

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Negli ultimi due giorni, almeno una persona è stata uccisa in scontri tra polizia antisommossa e sostenitori di Ousmane Sonko, chi afferma che la sua detenzione mercoledì sulla scia di un'accusa di stupro è politicamente motivata ...

Easy, breezybald? James Charles says he’s shaved his head but the Internet isn’t sure

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If there's one thing beauty vlogger James Charles knows really well, it's how to cause a stir. The YouTube star began trending on social media Friday when he shared photos of himself with a bald head, with a bald e...

Uganda’s lesson to other authoritarians: controlling the internet works

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James Griffiths is a Senior Producer for CNN International and author of "The Great Firewall of China: How to Build and Control an Alternative Version of the Internet." Hong Kong Speaking to reporters after casting h...

Un alunno della quarta elementare è andato a scuola per utilizzare il WiFi perché non aveva Internet a casa

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Una studentessa di quarta elementare a Roswell, Nuovo Messico, has been walking to his shuttered elementary school to do his classwork over the building's WiFi because he didn't have internet access at home. Schools in the Roswell Indepen...

Indiana police recruit fired for participating in a Neo-Nazi internet forum

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A police recruit in Lafayette, Indiana, has been terminated after an internal affairs investigation determined he participated in an online Neo-Nazi chat forum, authorities announced Saturday. A Twitter user brought...

How an internet system from space is helping firefighters in Washington

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SpaceX's Starlink satellites are being used by emergency responders in Washington to help fight fires while bringing internet access to residents in areas devastated by wildfires. The company loaned seven terminals ...

Dozens of scientific journals have vanished from the Internet, study found

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As the internet evolves, webpages that were live years ago are frequently no longer available today. In alcuni casi, that's for the best (so long, embarrassing MySpace profiles), but it is a concern when it comes to ...