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Piers Morgan dishes on Taliban interview, says ‘wokeUS corporations silent on misogynist Afghan rulers

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In clips from the interview, now streaming on Fox Nation, Morgan sparred with Shaheen over what he reported is a near-ban on girls in upper-grade levels. "The issue of secondary-school education for girls. They are u...

Steve Hilton slams ‘shambolic,’ and ‘incoherentMayorkas interview: This is ‘not satire?’

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STEVE HILTON: That is not satire. It is not a spoof. This is the actual homeland Security secretary speaking this morning. Hard to believe a senior official in the world's most powerful nation could put in a performa...

Critics highlight Biden doing just one sit-down interview in recent months

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Biden hasn't done a formal, sit-down television interview since he spoke with NBC's Lester Holt on Feb. 10 -- 78 dae gelede. In sy eerste jaar in die amp, Biden did just 22 formal sit-downs, compared to Donald Trump's 9...

Robin Roberts said she almost turned down a 2012 interview with Barack Obama over concern of being outed

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Robin Roberts nearly turned down a 2012 interview with then-President Barack Obama about marriage equality because she was afraid she would be outed. Die "Goeie more Amerika" anchor said she was told there was a p...

Prince Harry gets slammed by UK press following recent interview: ‘Duke of Delusion

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Die hertog van Sussex, who is currently in the Netherlands for the Invictus Games, opened up about his life in America, as well as his recent surprise visit with Queen Elizabeth II, to NBC’s "Vandag" Wys. Die onderhoud,...

Zelenskyy provides updates on situation in Ukraine in interview with Bret Baier

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In die onderhoud, set to air on Fox News Channel at 6 p.m ET, Zelenskyy explains to Bret Baier that he believes Ukraine would make a positive addition to NATO. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy ...

American teacher held by Russians for 10 days details detention in exclusive interview

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MINNESOTA PARENTS FEAR FOR SON DETAINED BY RUSSIAN FORCES WHILE FLEEING UKRAINE: ‘MY WORST NIGHTMARE’ Tyler Jacob, a Minnesota native who was teaching in Ukraine, aangesluit "jakkals & Vriende eers" for an exclusive int...

This Republican was asked why she appeared at an event organized by a White nationalist. She ended the interview.

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Idaho Lt. Goewerneur. Janice McGeachin spoke virtually at an event organized by White nationalist Nick Fuentes in Florida at the end of February. Her participation in that event -- which also featured the likes of Reps. Ma ...

Jimmy Kimmel mocks the Nelk Boys for Trump interview, one fires back calling late night host ‘washed up

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"Maralado is making the rounds, he was on a podcast hosted by - this is really something - a small group of Youtubers known as the Nelk Boys," Kimmel said. "These guys, they show up in Mar A Lago in sweatshirts and s...

Former CNN exec Gollust gleefully texted Andrew Cuomo he’d dealt Trump an ‘Lduring CNN interview: Verslag

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The revelation was part of a lengthy Rolling Stone piece delving into the ethically questionable relationship between recently ousted CNN President Jeff Zucker; his lover and longtime lieutenant Gollust; former New Y...

Russian invasion: Exclusive interview with chief Ukrainian negotiator

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The Ukrainian and Russian negotiators are set to hold the third and final round of talks on Monday. Delegations have had two rounds of talks since Russia launched a full-scale invasion on February 24. Chief Ukrainia...

In new book, Barr recalls ‘awkwardmoment with Trump after he disputed election fraud claims in interview

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Just weeks after the election, Trump and his legal team were making bold but unsubstantiated claims of massive fraud in multiple states. Barr told the AP’s Michael Balsamo that the DOJ explored some of these claims, ...

Hillary Clinton repeatedly suggests Donald Trump, Republicans enabling Putin aggression during MSNBC interview

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Verskyn op "Oggend Joe," Clinton accused Trump of "giving aid and comfort" to Putin amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine and claimed Republicans were playing into the latter's ambitions to "undermine democracy" by...

Ivanka Trump in talks for voluntary interview with January 6 komitee

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Former President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka, who also served as senior White House adviser, is in discussions with the House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection to voluntarily appear for an...

Biden says NFL hasn’t lived up to commitment to hire Black head coaches during Super Bowl interview

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Biden specifically echoed comments made by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday, who contended that the NFL "won't tolerate discrimination." "The commissioner pointed out, they haven't lived up to what they co...

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