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‘This is Usveers into current events, while introducing a new twist

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Die volgende bevat spoilers oor die "This is Us" fifth-season premiere. "This is Us" pivoted directly into current events, tackling the pandemic and, more pointedly, the fallout from the killing of George Floy...

Coca-Cola is introducing its first bottle made from 100% recycled plastic

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New York (CNN Besigheid)Coca-Cola is launching a new bottle size for the first time in a decade, but it's what the bottle's made of that marks an even more notable first: 100% recycled plastic material. The new 13.2-o...

DC Comics is introducing its first nonbinary Flash character

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It's a first for The Flash. DC Comics is introducing a new iteration of the speedy superhero: Jess Chambers, andersins bekend as "Kid Quick," is a nonbinary, gender-fluid character who uses they/them pronouns. Kid ...