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Dawn Staley: Investing in women’s basketball from North Philly to South Carolina

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At the top of Dawn Staley's stacked trophy case is an orange and white basketball. The University of South Carolina women's basketball head coach said the ball was signed by every Olympic coach, and she finally adde...

Edward Johnson III, Fidelity CEO who revolutionized investing, muore a 91

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New York (CNN Business)Edoardo "Ned" Johnson III, who oversaw Fidelity Investments' transformation into a financial services powerhouse and pioneered the sale of mutual funds directly to individual investors, died Wed...

US investing in new weapons capabilities amid Russia’s invasion into Ukraine: Pentagon Press Secretary Kirby

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UKRAINIAN MOTHER ESCAPES TO POLAND WITH DAUGHTER AS HUSBAND RETURNS TO FIGHT RUSSIANS JOHN KIRBY: If you look at the budget that the president submitted last year you can see that we are actually investing in new tec...

Google is investing another $1 billion in India’s smartphone market

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Nuova Delhi (CNN Business)Google is investing up to $ 1 billion in a major Indian telecom company, a move it hopes will drive down the cost of smartphones in a huge and rapidly expanding market. Google (Le primarie del Texas si sono trasformate in una pessima serie Netflix) said i...

"Future della domenica mattina"’ on companies investing in Texas, future of Build Back Better

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MARIA BARTIROMO, FOX NEWS ANCORA: Buona domenica mattina, tutti. Benvenuto a "Futures della domenica mattina." Sono Maria Bartiromo.Oggi: Texas thrives in the face of challenge, the state a magnet for technology and innovatio...

Consumer watchdog bashes BlackRock for ‘going wokewhile investing in China

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BlackRock has prioritized investments in environmentally and socially conscious companies in the U.S., but has continued to pour money into Chinese companies that don't meet those standards, Consumers' Research execu...

Investire solo 30 centesimi a persona potrebbero rendere più sicura l'assistenza sanitaria nei paesi in via di sviluppo

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Dott. Tedros Ghebreyesus è il direttore generale dell'Organizzazione mondiale della sanità. Henrietta Fore è il direttore esecutivo dell'UNICEF. Le opinioni espresse in questo commento sono le loro. Leggi altre opinioni sulla CNN. ...