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Political analyst asks why Biden didn’t invoke the Defense Production Act sooner

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BRIT HUME: This is probably the reasonable thing to do. One wonders why it wasn't done sooner and how this crisis was ever able to become a crisis. When the administration has said that they knew that this was a prob...

Tucker Carlson: Now is the time to invoke the 25th Amendment

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Due mesi dopo, Biden appeared on stage in Miami for the first Democratic primary debate and he was hard to recognize even for people who had known him. Extensive plastic surgery made him look like a different pers...

Cawthorn calls on Harris to invoke 25th Amendment and remove Biden as president over Afghanistan crisis

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"Our nation is at a crisis point," he wrote in a letter to Harris and the rest of the cabinet Thursday. He warned of China’s ambitions on the world stage, the resurgent Russia, rising inflation, chaos at the southern...