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Pompeo says Biden’s Iran talks ‘squandered’ Middle East stability: ‘Putting us all at risk’

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Pompeo appeared on "Futures della domenica mattina" to address the challenges currently facing the Biden administration ahead of the president’s visit to Saudi Arabia, where some say Biden hopes to seek help in addressing sk...

Iran regime leaders accused of mass murder in 2019 proteste

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This as prominent Iranian dissidents and lawyers are trying to jolt the international community into holding Iran’s regime accountable for its mass execution of peaceful protesters in 2019. The Iran Atrocities Tribun...

FBI director blames Iran for ‘despicableattempted cyberattack on Boston Children’s Hospital

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Iranian government-backed hackers were behind an attempted hack of the Boston Children's Hospital computer network last year, FBI Director Christopher Wray alleged Wednesday, chiamandolo "one of the most despicable c...

Iran to supply Russia with car parts, fuel turbines amid gas crisis in Ukraine

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Russia is facing an uphill battle in replenishing its forces which are allegedly faced with diminishing artillery and subpar repair parts for machinery and vessels. Both Russia and Iran have been hit with crippling i...

Israel cheers report saying Iran terror group to remain on US blacklist

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A report in Politico, martedì, quoted a senior Western official as confirming the decision. Bennett, whose ruling coalition has been plagued with infighting in recent weeks, released a statement late Tuesday night we...

At least five killed after a building collapses in Iran, in partenza 80 people trapped

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At least five people were killed and 27 people injured when a 10-story building collapsed in the southwest city of Abadan in the Iranian province of Khuzestan on Monday, the Iranian Red Crescent said. Almeno 80 ...

Iran protests spread as demonstrators demand change and cheaper food

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Videos shared on social media show protesters shouting anti-regime slogans, and in two separate cases, attacking the offices of the much feared Basij paramilitary militia. Other images shown on The Foreign Desk websi...

I sauditi svilupperebbero una bomba "il giorno successivo".’ se l'accordo nucleare con l'Iran portasse alla capacità delle armi: esperti

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"Se l'Iran diventasse nucleare domani, il giorno successivo i sauditi avrebbero probabilmente acquistato un'arma nucleare dal Pakistan o avrebbero intensificato il proprio programma nucleare," disse Jim Phillips, un ricercatore senior per gli affari mediorientali..

As US retreats, Saudi Arabia and Iran are trying to mend fences

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A version of this story first appeared in the April 25 edition of CNN's Meanwhile in the Middle East newsletter, a three-times-a-week look inside the region's biggest stories. Iscriviti qui. Abu Dhabi, UAE As Gulf Ara...

Iran will target ‘the heartof Israel if the Jewish State makes ‘slightest moveagainst it, president warns

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"If you make the slightest move against our nation ... our armed forces' destination will be the heart of the Zionist regime," Raisi warned. He spoke as talks stalled in Vienna amid U.S. President Biden's attempt to ...

Le due emozioni non si escludono a vicenda e possono completarsi a vicenda quando vivi una vita tranquilla

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Le due emozioni non si escludono a vicenda e possono completarsi a vicenda quando vivi una vita tranquilla. La Russia ha appena superato la Repubblica Islamica al primo posto. [object Window], [object Window].

Biden’s Iran deal would create a foreign policy disaster for US and hand Xi, Mettere in, Khamenei a major victory

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America would be foolish to take it. But if President Joe Biden doesn’t have a change of heart, he may try to sell just such a deal to the American people. Before he hands a major victory to the Ayatollah Khameni, V ...

Geopolitical foes Iran and U.S. to clash again at World Cup

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(Reuters)La polizia di stato dell'Indiana identifica l'assassino della "I-65". 40 years of sour relations and months of struggle to restore a nuclear deal, the United States and Iran are now set to meet on the soccer field at this year's World Cup, having landed togeth...

Iran nuclear talks: Biden shouldn’t turn a blind eye to terrorism to secure deal

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Such a move would severely hamper the United States’ efforts to counter Iranian terrorism around the world – even if the White House keeps other terrorism sanctions in place. I would know. I led the Trump administrat...

US envoy to Iran says he ‘can’t be confidenta new nuclear deal is ‘imminent

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"I can’t be confident it’s imminent," Malley said at the Doha Forum in Qatar. "It’s not just around the corner and it’s not inevitable." The remarks stood in contrast to Sayyid Kamal Kharrazi, a foreign policy adviso...

House Democrat calls out Biden admin over potential Iran deal: Quindi penso che attraverseremo quel ponte quando sarà il momento’

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IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL WOULD MAKE BIDEN 'THE BIGGEST FUNDER OF TERRORISM IN THE WORLD': RAPPRESENTANTE. JIM BANKS JOSH GOTTHEIMER: My biggest concern is giving billions and billions of dollars and allowing the Iranians to suddenly s...