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Blinken says US is prepared to turn to ‘other optionsif nuclear diplomacy with Iran fails

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Washington US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that if diplomatic talks with Iran fail, the United States "is prepared to turn to other options" to prevent the country from obtaining a nuclear weapon. He discus...

ニューハンプシャーの家族がイランを訴える, レバノンでの父親の数か月にわたる投獄の正義を求める

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ベイルートでの彼の投獄中, Fakhoury, ニューハンプシャーの, 適切な治療を受けずに拷問され、劣悪な状態に置かれた. 彼の家族は彼が彼の劇的な再まで治療されなかった癌を発症したと言った。.

Morteza Mehrzadselakjani, 歴史上最も高いパラリンピック, 東京パラリンピックでイランがシッティングバレーボールの金メダルを獲得するのを助ける

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2メートルで, 46 センチメートル (8フィート, 1インチ) 高い, Morteza Mehrzadselakjaniは、イランのシッティングバレーボールチームのそれほど秘密ではない武器です。. 歴史上最も背の高いパラリンピック選手であり、共同で2番目に背の高い男 ...

担当者. Waltz on ‘Faulkner Focus’: Looming hostage crisis could make Iran in 1979 ‘look like a sleepover’

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"We’re on the cusp of having the biggest mass hostage situation in American history," said Florida Congressman Michael Waltz. "It’s gonna make 1979 in Tehran look like a sleepover." ワルツ, the first Green Beret elect...

マイクペンス: バイデンはタリバンとの契約を破った–それはイラン人質危機以来見られなかった屈辱だ

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1ヶ月後, バイデン大統領が不可能と見なしたシナリオは恐ろしい現実になりました. 最近では, 世界はパニックに陥った民間人が米国にしがみつくのを見てきました. 必死に逃げようとする軍用機。.

US watching as Iran quietly replaces Red Sea spy ship damaged in April attack

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The US was monitoring Iranian ship movements in the Middle East as Tehran quietly replaced a spy ship in the Red Sea that was damaged in an April attack, two US officials told CNN amid escalating regional tension wi...

Pennsylvania mom who fled Iran after Islamic revolution urges Americans to guard their freedoms

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Anita Edgarian attracted national attention after a July 26 school board meeting in which she questioned critical race theory in West Chester, ペン. She recounted the altercation in an interview with Ainsley Earhardt...

Iran nuclear concerns: Israel warns Tehran is only ‘10 weeks away’ from acquiring weapons-grade materials

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Gantz made the comment during a presentation aimed at having the Council sanction Iran for a series of recent maritime attacks, including one last week on the oil tanker Mercer Street that killed two people, アコーディン...


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キミヤ・アリザデ, イランを去った人 2020, 日曜日の57キログラムのイベントでナヒードキアニチャンデと対戦します. 彼女の発表は、イラン当局がウクライナの旅客機を撃墜したことを認めた翌日に行われた。, ...

Pompeo accuses Biden admin of working to make Iran America’s ‘senior partnerin Middle East

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During an interview with Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on her podcast "Real America," Pompeo discussed the importance of "stability and peace" in Jerusalem while accusing the Biden administr...

共和党員, 反体制派が政権に抗議する中、民主党はイラン首脳会議でまれな共通点を見つける

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共和党の感覚. テッド・クルーズ, ケビンマッカーシー, リック・スコットとトム・ティリス, 民主党の感覚と一緒に. コリーブッカー, ボブメネンデスとマギーハッサンはすべて参加しました "無料のイラン世界サミット。" 元国務長官Mi ...

Iran hosts high-level Afghan peace talks as fighting surges

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The high-level peace talks between the warring Afghan sides follow months-old discussions in Qatar that have been stalled by a diplomatic stalemate and escalating violence. Even as officials faced each other across t...

リンゼー・グラハム: ‘Never been more worried’ about potential war between Iran, イスラエル

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グラハム: The Iranians are playing President Biden like a fiddle. The ayatollah is a religious nazi. Hitler wanted a master race. The ayatollah wants to master religion. They're trying to drive us out of Syria and Iraq...

US airstrikes follow a spate of sophisticated attacks by Iran using new drones that can avoid US surveillance

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Washington President Joe Biden's decision to conduct airstrikes against Iran-backed militia groups on the Iraq-Syria border Sunday night follows a recent spate of attacks against US military assets in Iraq by a new c...

米国はイランに支援された民兵を 3 イラクとシリアの国境のスポット

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国防総省報道官ジョン・カービーによると, 施設は、無人航空機に従事するイランが支援するいくつかの民兵グループによって使用されています (UAV) 米国に対する攻撃. イラクの人員と施設, 含む...

Iran likely had failed rocket launch, preparing for another

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Satellite images, アメリカ. official and a rocket expert all confirmed the failed launch, 今月上旬, at the Imam Khomeini Spaceport in Iran's Semnan province. The attempt comes as Iran's space program has suffe...

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