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Ireland has the world’s highest Covid-19 rate. How did it go so wrong?

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Cork, Ireland When Ireland came out of a strict six-week lockdown in December it had one of the lowest levels of Covid-19 cases in Europe. Da allora, the situation has dramatically unraveled. The country recorded th...

Teacher’s decades-old find on a Northern Ireland beach turns out to be the island’s first-ever dinosaur discovery

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You never know what you might find while walking along the beach. People often come across coins, shells and trash, but a teacher in Northern Ireland made a discovery that will go down in history. In the 1980s, il...

They saved lives during the pandemicnow they’re facing deportation from Ireland

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Lily was taking her lunch break at the Dublin nursing home where she works when a friend called with the news that an official-looking letter had arrived for her. She asked the friend to open it and read it aloud. ...

Ikea will buy back old furniture in the UK and Ireland

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(CNN Business)If your time under lockdown prompted a clear out and a spring clean, Ikea has some good news for you. As part of its "Buy Back" iniziativa, the Swedish furniture retailer is offering customers in the ...