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NBA: Protesters show support for Irving’s vaccine stance ahead of Nets game

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Protesters scaled barricades and pushed toward the doors of the Brooklyn Nets' home arena on Sunday in support of NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving, who cannot join the team as he has chosen not to get vaccinated against COV...

NYC se Barclays-sentrum wemel deur betogers wat Nets ondersteun’ Kyrie Irving se weiering om ingeënt te word

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Betogers kon op sosiale media gesien word wat Brooklyn se Barclays-sentrum swerm, waar Irving se Brooklyn Nets hul tuiswedstryde speel, dreunsang "Staan saam met Kyrie." Die Brooklyn Nets-ster Kyrie Irving het kritiek gelewer..

NBA kans: How much would Kyrie Irving’s absence affect Nets lines?

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Hoe dit ook al sy, under New York's mandate, the Brooklyn guard must be vaccinated to fully participate in team activities. Aanvanklik, there was speculation that the NBA All-Star might play part-time (road games) during the...