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‘Isolatedbut defiant, Brazil’s Bolsonaro defends handling of Covid and climate at UN

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United Nations Headquarters, NY With Covid-19 and the environment at the top of the agenda at this year's United Nations' General Assembly, observers braced for the first world leader to speak in the UN headquarters'...

Nigel Farage blasts Biden on ‘Fox & Vriende eerste ': America ‘isolated and friendless

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SY. HAGERTY PICKS UP 'SHOCK' FROM US ALLIES OVER BIDEN'S AFGHANISTAN EXIT NIGEL FARAGE: Jy weet, Biden came to the G7 here in the U.K. Amerika is terug. And they all said, o, isn't it marvelous? We've got rid of th...

Isolated from family, Hawaii Little Leaguers keep winning

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While it took skill and Zack’s entire 4-foot-8 frame to make two leaping catches in his team’s 2-0 victory over Michigan on Wednesday night at the Little League World Series, his good fortune extends to having his fa...

California therapists claim San Jose gunman was possibly stressed, isolated due to pandemic: verslag doen

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While authorities described the gunman, Samuel Cassidy, as "a highly disgruntled VTA employee for many years," which may have contributed to him targeting the victims -- Isaac Smith, a Sacramento-area therapist, cont...

Why is one of Cuba’s most rebellious artists still isolated in a government hospital?

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Havana, Cuba One of Cuba's most rebellious dissidents has spent more than ten days in a closely guarded hospital in Havana but it's not clear what, indien enigiets, he is being treated for. Artist and activist Luis Manue...

These immunocompromised college students felt isolated when the fall semester began. So they did something about it

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Eers, Cameron Lynch thought she would need prepared questions for the group to discuss in their first Zoom call. On the list of proposed topics: "Have you had a hard time with friends in the pandemic?", "Is jy ...