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Más que 200 hurt as Israeli police clash with Palestinians at Jerusalem mosque, Palestinian Red Crescent says

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Jerusalem, Israel At least 205 people were injured at Jerusalem's Al Aqsa mosque after Israeli police in riot gear clashed with Palestinians following evening prayers, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent. Eight...

Israeli court halts auction of tattoo kit said to have been used at Auschwitz

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An Israeli court suspended on Wednesday the auction of a partial tattoo kit billed as having been used on inmates at the Auschwitz death camp, following an outcry from Holocaust survivors. Obtained from a private col...

Anti-Israel protest erupts at Israeli embassy in DC

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Protesters at the rally, who came to Washington from all corners of the country, gathered to condemn what they view as unjustified and excessive military action from Israel. Attendees could be heard shouting anti-Isr...

Israeli child diagnosed with polio; first case there in decades

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An unvaccinated child, 4, from Jerusalem, contracted the highly transmissible virus, making it the first polio case in Israel since 1988, the Israeli Health Ministry said Sunday. The Jerusalem District Health Bureau ...

Small blast goes off near Israeli embassy in New Delhi

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New Delhi A small blast went off close to the Israeli embassy in the Indian capital of New Delhi on Friday afternoon, damaging the windows of parked vehicles. New Delhi police said a "very low intensity improvised ...

Palestinian man shot dead in violent clashes as 12-year old boy, also killed by Israeli soldiers, is buried

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Jerusalem A Palestinian man has died after being shot by Israeli forces in the West Bank, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, during large clashes that broke out during the funeral of a 12-year old boy w...

Israeli police, Palestinians clash at Jerusalem holy site

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Officers fired tear gas and stun grenades and protesters hurled stones and other objects at police. Police said protesters threw stones from the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound onto an adjoining roadway. MORE THAN 200 PALES...

Revisión de hechos: Biden tells inaccurate story about his 1973 meeting with Israeli prime minister

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Washington President Joe Biden has a favorite story about his long relationship with Israel. Por décadas, he has been publicly recounting his 1973 meeting with then-Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir -- which he descr...

John Oliver criticado por una niña israelí de 10 años por "crimen de guerra"’ comentarios hechos en "Last Week Tonight’

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La niña pequeña, cuyo nombre es Renana y vive en el lado israelí de la frontera de Gaza, habló en un video compartido por el medio de comunicación israelí Walla en Twitter el miércoles. En eso, ella habla directamente con el compañero de 44 años..

Israeli troops kill 3 Palestinians in West Bank gun battle

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Israeli media said four members of a police counter-terrorism unit of the Israeli police were wounded, one of them seriously. The troops came under fire as they attempted to arrest suspected militants in the northern...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pleads not guilty to corruption charges

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Jerusalem Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told a Jerusalem court he is not guilty of one charge of bribery and three charges of fraud and breach of trust. Monday's appearance was Netanyahu's second in c...

Israeli president kicks off COVID-19 vaccine booster campaign

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CLICK HERE TO FIND A COVID-19 VACCINE NEAR YOU Herzog is 60 años. The country had previously been offering a third jab to adults considered at-risk. Los Estados Unidos. has not done so, with the Centers for Disease Control...

White House says Israeli actions work ‘againstsolution to crisis

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Psaki reiterated the administration’s support for a two-state solution. De Biden "team is communicating a clear and consistent message in support of de-escalation," Psaki told reporters. "That is our primary focus. Th ...

Suspected car-ramming attack by Palestinian teen highlights rising tensions, amid questions over Israeli police actions

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Jerusalem A 15-year old Palestinian boy suspected of deliberately ramming his car into an Israeli army checkpoint, injuring a security guard, has been shot dead, according to Israel's Defense Ministry. The security g...

Jack Keane: Liderazgo de Hamas, los túneles subterráneos sufrieron "daños significativos’ de los ataques israelíes

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ACTUALIZACIONES EN VIVO: ISRAEL APRUEBA EL ACUERDO DE CESO DEL FUEGO CON HAMAS JACK KEANE: Creo que el primer ministro Netanyahu, desde el comienzo, cuando recibió este fuselaje de un ataque no provocado contra el pueblo israelí, inventó su m ....

UAE sentences Israeli woman to death for cocaine possession

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A court in the United Arab Emirates has sentenced an Israeli woman to death, after she was found guilty of possessing 500 grams of cocaine. La mujer -- named by Israeli media as 43-year-old Fidaa Kiwan -- is appeal...

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