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How two mothers, united in loss, hope to bring peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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"She's like a sister for me," Laila Alsheikh tells CNN, reflecting on colleague and friend Robi Damelin. "She's funny and she laughs and she has a beautiful smile—and she went through a transformation," Damlin respo...

What the real-life ‘Oslotells us about the dream of Israeli-Palestinian peace

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Aaron David Miller is 'n senior genoot by die Carnegie Endowment for International Peace en skrywer van "Die einde van grootheid: Waarom Amerika nie kan hê nie (en wil nie) Nog 'n groot president." Miller was 'n middeljarige ....

Antisemitiese aanvalle word in Amerikaanse stede gerapporteer namate die spanning opdaag oor die Israeliese-Palestynse konflik

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Verskeie Joodse mense is vandeesweek in stede in die Verenigde State aangeval. Owerhede ondersoek aanrandings in New York en Los Angeles namate spanning te midde van die Israeliese-Palestynse konflik opvlam ...

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict could trigger a third Covid-19 wave in Gaza. Some say it’s already here.

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Gaza City and Jerusalem Rasha Abu Askar tested positive for Covid-19 less than two weeks ago. So too did her husband, Musa Abu Askar, leaving the couple unable to look after their four young children, a situation tha...

LEEF OPDATE: Calls for Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire mount as violence continues

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Explosions rocked the city for 10 minutes in an attack that was heavier, reached a wider area, and lasted longer than a series of air raids 24 hours earlier. The attacks occurred after U.N. Security Council diplomats...

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has strained medical services and left families reeling. Here are five organizations you can support to help victims

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has boiled over into another violent episode, leaving families in the region reeling from tragedy. Since Monday, Israeli airstrikes into Gaza have killed more than 190 Palestinians a...

Rihanna urges ‘resolvefor Israeli-Palestinian conflict: ‘My heart is breaking

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The singer called for "oplos" for the conflict that has seen casualties on both sides. "My heart is breaking with the violence I'm seeing displayed between Israel and Palestine! I can't bare (sic) to see it," she w...

Mayim Bialik speaks out on Israeli-Palestinian conflict: ‘Devastating

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"I’ve resisted tackling the complexity of the situation in Israel for quite some time," she captioned her post which included a picture of the Israeli flag. "As a liberal Zionist, people are often confused by my poli...

Biden faces criticism from Democrats and Republicans over escalating Israeli-Palestinian violence

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Lawmakers from vastly different ends of the political spectrum have taken aim at Biden and his administration over the growing violence in the region, calling out the president on the violence in the region — albeit ...