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Daily Beast issues apology to laptop repairman amid lawsuit after claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop was ‘stolen

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John Paul Mac Isaac was swept up in the New York Post's bombshell reporting in October 2020 that shed light on the shady business dealings overseas of the son of then-Democratic nominee Joe Biden as the Delaware lapt...

Kevin McCarthy refuses to comply with January 6 committee subpoena as it stands and issues demands

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter via his lawyer to the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attacco al Campidoglio degli Stati Uniti, outlining why he will not comply with his subpoena as it s...

Durbin responds to Pelosi Communion ban, says ‘some bishop’s consciencecan’t decide such issues

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"It's very personal to Speaker Pelosi as it is to me," Durbin said during a news conference Tuesday in response to a question from Fox News' Chad Pergram. Durbin, who has not been permitted to take Communion in the ...

Queen Elizabeth arrives by golf cart to Chelsea Flower Show amid ‘episodic mobility issues’

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Di lunedi, the British reigning monarch who is celebrating 70 years on the throne appeared at the Chelsea Flower Show in London. The 96-year-old arrived by golf cart for the first time on an official engagement and w...

Titolo 42 issues show ‘lack of political will’ for Biden administration on border: Chaffetz

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With the Justice Department attempting to appeal a decision that keeps Title 42 in place, Chaffetz called out the Biden administration’s "lack of political will" to fix immigration. Immigrant men from many ...

Tom Brady jokingly issues competitive challenge to LeBron James on Twitter

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On Monday evening, the Los Angeles Lakers star decided to hold a wide-ranging Q&A session on Twitter, which saw fans pepper him with questions about basketball, film, books and video games. Presented with an o...

PA GOP Senate candidate addresses past tweets, says ‘Democrats have their own issues’

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"People ask me all the time. Are you afraid to run against Fetterman? And my response is generally, as long as I'm not running while Black," Barnette said in an appearance on "È stato segnalato un altro giornalista americano" "And many of your list...

La regina Elisabetta fa un'apparizione a sorpresa al Windsor Horse Show tra "problemi di mobilità episodici"

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Il monarca regnante è stato cacciato dalla sua casa del castello di Windsor per vedere tre dei suoi pony Fell partecipare alla gara. La 96enne era tutta sorrisi mentre la guardava comodamente dalla sua Range Rover. In seguito è diventata o...

Ohio AG issues warning aboutFrankenstein opioids,” more powerful than fentanyl

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In Ohio, the state's Attorney General Dave Yost issued a warning about the prevalence of nitazenes as the Buckeye state saw an increase in the illicit drug. FLORIDA WARNS OF NEW DRUG MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAN FENTANYL...

Texas ranchers fear Title 42 rollback, struggle to find workers due to border issues

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Some Texas ranchers are struggling to find workers because of fears at the border. Titolo 42, a Trump-era COVID-19 border policy, is held up in federal court but could be just two weeks away from ending. Mike Hayes...

Nikki Haley: Republicans have to start paying attention to issues that matter to Americans

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NEVADA POLICE GROUPS SWITCH ENDORSEMENTS FROM DEM SEN. CORTEZ-MASTO TO GOP CHALLENGER LAXALT NIKKI HALEY: Republicans don’t need to be arrogant. We need to be humble, we need to be disciplined and we need to show ho...

Packers address receiving issues by signing Sammy Watkins

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General manager Brian Gutekunst Thursday announced the signing of Watkins. The Packers have needed to upgrade at receiver since trading Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders for a first-round pick and a second-round selecti...

As Ohio senate hopefuls vie for Trump’s support, one contender says he’s the only one focused on the issues

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"I'm not anti-Trump," NOI. Senate candidate Matt Dolan said. "If you look at the campaign, I'm the only one focusing on issues in Ohio." OHIO GOP SENATE SHOWDOWN: GIBBONS HITS MANDEL ON CHINA IN AD THAT RETURNS TO R...

Caitlyn Jenner reveals issues she cares about: ‘I’m not a trans activist

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Jenner agreed with host Sean Hannity, who said America is "in deep trouble." "That's one of the reasons I ran for governor," Jenner ha detto. "We have to stand up … America has to have a stand-up mentality." CAITLYN JE...

Heritage Foundation unveils ‘Fighting for America’s Futureplan to promote conservative issues nationally

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Heritage previewed its new "Fighting for America's Future" agenda with Fox News Digital. The think tank hopes it will not only resonate with voters as the 2022 elections draw nearer, but also be the go-to roadmap for...

"Questa squadra è stata una gioia per me allenare", "Questa squadra è stata una gioia per me allenare": registi

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"Questa squadra è stata una gioia per me allenare", la famiglia della veterana star del cinema ha annunciato che gli è stata diagnosticata l'afasia, la famiglia della veterana star del cinema ha annunciato che gli è stata diagnosticata l'afasia. "la famiglia della veterana star del cinema ha annunciato che gli è stata diagnosticata l'afasia, la famiglia della veterana star del cinema ha annunciato che gli è stata diagnosticata l'afasia.