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Why the US may find itself forced back into the Middle East

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Abu Dhabi, UAE Perceived disengagement by the United States in the Middle East has led to a strategic shift in regional priorities of late. Alarms about the withering of America's security umbrella perhaps rang loud...

In one morning, the Supreme Court looked to rid itself of the Trump era

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Donald Trump took a drubbing at the Supreme Court on Monday, as the justices in a flurry of orders dealt critical blows to his efforts to shield his tax records from a New York prosecutor and his oft-repeated false ...

Karl Rove: ‘History repeating itselfas Democrats push trillions in spending before midterms

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BIDEN SAYS INFRASTRUCTURE VOTE 'MAY NOT' HAPPEN THIS WEEK KARL ROVE: Roll back the tape. Es 2009 y 2010 and they passed the stimulus bill and they passed the Affordable Care Act. And part of the theory among Demo...

Biden: US to continue giving Ukraine ‘capacity to defenditself as Russia claims troop withdrawal from Kyiv

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El presidente, during a joint press conference at the White House Tuesday with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, was asked about Russia’s announcement that it would "fundamentally scale back" its military ope...

Pentagon could open itself to costly litigation from contractors if US pulls out Afghanistan this year

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Despite the signing of the Doha agreement last February that called for a full drawdown of US troops and personnel from Afghanistan by May 1, the Department of Defense issued nearly a billion dollars in contracts to...

Atlanta tries to transform itself into Winnersville

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That would've been a truly horrifying tale. From Jim Leyritz to 28-3, from DeVonta Smith to losing not one, but two NHL teams to western Canada, Georgia's sports history is filled with knee-buckling heartache, epic m...

Vox says Disney’s the victim: ‘Found itself’ caught in the ‘middle of a culture war’, ‘hates being there’

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The Disney-sympathetic piece, written by senior culture reporter Alex Abad-Santos, described how the entertainment company has found itself in an unappealing "conflict" with Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., despite its bes...

Outside the courtroom, the trial over George Floyd’s death is seen as a test of the US itself

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Esto fue extraído de la Marcha 30 edición de Mientras tanto en América de CNN, el correo electrónico diario sobre la política estadounidense para lectores de todo el mundo. Haga clic aquí para leer ediciones anteriores y suscribirse. There are two trials into the death o...

El veredicto de Ahmaud Arbery emitido principalmente por un jurado blanco es justicia "en sí misma:’ Ted Williams

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Williams, en una aparición en "America Reports," subrayó la importancia del veredicto, que fue pronunciado por un jurado casi totalmente blanco. "Somos un país tan dividido. Estamos divididos por líneas raciales. Lo que ....

Taiwan may not have military equipment to defend itself against Chinese invasion warns Rep. McCaul

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"Putin has always wanted Ukraine, it’s no secret. And President Xi has always wanted Taiwan," McCaul told Fox News Digital at the Milken Institute 2022 Global Conference. "He’s watching very carefully what is taking ...

Blinken names chief diversity officer to lead change on a ‘problem as old as the department itself

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Washington Secretary of State Antony Blinken named retired ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley as the department's first chief diversity and inclusion officer Monday, a step that current and former diplomats said ...

Greg Gutfeld: CNN has successfully vaccinated itself against high ratings

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For once. I guess even perverts take holiday breaks. sí, it was announced that CNN has closed its offices to "non-essential employees." It's either for COVID or so law enforcement could have a break, meaning the...

Can nature heal itself? What the pandemic has shown us

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In the dark early days of the coronavirus pandemic, when a death toll of 1 million was still unimaginable, there was one bright spot: nature appeared to be healing. With humans under lockdown, stories circulated abo...

Columna: La NHL se avergüenza de nuevo como MMA On Ice

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Este no es un desarrollo nuevo, pero vale la pena volver a visitar. Mientras la liga apruebe el tipo de insensatez, violencia imprudente que hemos visto esta semana, nunca será nada más que MMA On Ice. Para contender el ca ...

Líderes llaman a la acción a los jóvenes conservadores en Turning Point USA confab: "La nación no se va a salvar sola’

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El evento de cuatro días, que se desarrolló de sábado a martes y dio la bienvenida a miles de jóvenes conservadores de todo el país, estuvo marcado por una sensación de optimismo. Pero los oradores advirtieron que las victorias tenían que ganarse..

Stanford distances itself from Dr. Scott Atlas after he urges resistance to public health measures

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Washington Stanford University on Monday evening distanced itself from White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at the school's Hoover Institution, after he urged Michigan residents ...

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