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Ds. Jesse Jackson moved to Chicago rehab facility after COVID-19 hospitalization; wife Jacqueline in ICU

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The couple was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital last Saturday. Ds. Jackson, 79, will start "intensive occupational and physical therapy," son Jonathan Jackson said, noting that his father’s Parkinson’s sym...

Jacqueline Jackson, the wife of civil rights leader Rev. Jessie Jackson, is home after hospitalization for Covid-19

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Jacqueline Jackson, the wife of civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, was released from a Chicago hospital Friday as she recovers from Covid-19. Her husband remains hospitalized at a rehab facility, the family sa...

Jacqueline Avant, wife of music exec Clarence Avant, shot and killed in home robbery

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Jacqueline Avant, a philanthropist and the wife of music icon Clarence Avant and mother-in-law to Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos, was fatally shot in her home early Wednesday, according to a spokesperson for Netflix. Poli ...