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Jacqueline Jackson, the wife of civil rights leader Rev. Jessie Jackson, is home after hospitalization for Covid-19

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Jacqueline Jackson, the wife of civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, was released from a Chicago hospital Friday as she recovers from Covid-19. Her husband remains hospitalized at a rehab facility, the family sa...

Jacqueline Voor, vrou van musiek uitvoerende beampte Clarence Avant, in huisroof geskiet en doodgeskiet

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Jacqueline Voor, 'n filantroop en die vrou van die musiekikoon Clarence Avant en skoonma van Netflix se uitvoerende hoof, Ted Sarandos, is vroeg Woensdag in haar huis doodgeskiet, volgens 'n woordvoerder van Netflix. Poli ...

Ds. Jesse Jackson moved to Chicago rehab facility after COVID-19 hospitalization; wife Jacqueline in ICU

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The couple was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital last Saturday. Ds. Jackson, 79, will start "intensive occupational and physical therapy," son Jonathan Jackson said, noting that his father’s Parkinson’s sym...

Jacqueline Avant death has celebrities, communities in fear over brazen home invasions

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The fatal shooting of Avant prompted a number of celebrities and public figures to pay tribute to her while also reflecting on the crime surge in Los Angeles and other American cities. MICHIGAN SUSPECT OPENS FIRE ON...

Jacqueline Avant murder suspect served time for robbery, inflicting bodily injury before Beverly Hills slaying

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Aariel Maynor, 29, of Los Angeles, is suspected in the shooting death of Avant, 81, at her Beverly Hills estate early Wednesday during an alleged burglary. He was arrested by Los Angeles police officers during a seco...