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NFL Mock Draft 2021: Jaguars launch historic run on quarterbacks off the bat

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The Jaguars have the No. 1 pick and a new coach in Urban Meyer. After another disappointing and a few years of spiraling downward, the team is essentially starting from scratch. Jacksonville has two first-round picks...

'N Dag na sy omstrede huur, Jaguars sê die afrigter, Chris Doyle, het bedank

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'N Dag na sy omstrede huur, die Jacksonville Jaguars van die NFL het Vrydag gesê dat die direkteur van sportprestasie, Chris Doyle, uit sy pos bedank het. "Chris Doyle het vanaand na ons gekom om sy resensie in te dien ...

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach defends hire of coach previously accused of racism

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New Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer has defended the hiring of a former controversial coach who has previously been accused of racism and bullying. The NFL team announced on Thursday that they had hired...

Jacksonville Jaguars hire Urban Meyer as head coach

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Urban Meyer -- three-time national champion as a college football coach -- will now lead the Jacksonville Jaguars, the team announced Thursday. Meyer, formerly the head coach at Ohio State, will become the seventh h...