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Inmates at a Florida county jail helped save a deputy who was assaulted by other inmates, amptenare sê

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Inmates at a county jail in Florida are being commended for helping save a deputy who was attacked by another inmate last week, polisie gesê. Deputy Lillian Jimenez was attacked on June 7 at Hillsborough County Jail...

Britney Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander in jail after crashing singer’s wedding to Sam Asghari

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Alexander, 40, is being held at the Ventura County Jail and his bail has been set at $ 22,500. He is eligible for release. Alexander was arrested Thursday at 2:32 nm. PST and booked the same day at 7:32 nm. Spear...

Missouri inmate who escaped with 2 others through hole in jail cell ceiling caught in Wyoming: balju

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Christopher Blevins, 37, was taken into custody near Casper, Wyoming, meer as 900 miles away from where he broke out of the Barry County Jail in Missouri with inmates Lance Stephens and Matthew Crawford on Friday, ...

An Arizona man who says he spent 17 days in jail is suing American Airlines, alleging they misidentified him to police

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An Arizona man is suing American Airlines, claiming the airline's negligence led to him spending 17 days in jail after he was misidentified to police investigating a burglary at a duty-free shop in Dallas Fort Worth...

Vicky White’s former Alabama jail is hiring after corrections officer’s role in inmate Casey White’s escape

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"The Corrections Deputy is directly responsible for the integrity and security of the Detention Center," the Lauderdale County Detention Center's new job listing reads. "This includes the prevention of escape, injury...

Terrell: Antifa is the ‘Democratic base,’ so they won’t put their electorate ‘in jail

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Terrell told Fox News on Friday that Democrats have "surrendered" American cities like Philadelphia, Chicago and L.A. to such groups, surmising the situation will only get worse as Democrats remain in municipal and f...

Alabama jail guard Vicky White showed gave Casey White special treatment before escape, verslag sê

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Vicky White, 56, allegedly gave Lauderdale County Detention Center inmate Casey White "extra food" and otherwise showed him favoritism, Sheriff Rick Singleton told The Washington Post. Vicky, an assistant director o...

Jail is the new threat facing election workers

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A version of this story appeared in the CITIZEN BY CNN newsletter. Om dit in u inkassie te kry, teken gratis hier in. Election officials in Arizona could face criminal charges if a noncitizen registers to vote on their...

Casey White manhunt: Alabama jail boss Vicky White visited hotel morning before inmate escape

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In the video released on Saturday, Vicky White can be seen at the counter of a Quality Inn hotel in Florence, Alabama on April 29, the same day that she allegedly assisted murder suspect Casey White, 38, in escaping ...

Tennis legend Boris Becker sentenced to more than 2 years in jail over bankruptcy ordeal

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Vroeër vandeesmaand, Becker was found guilty of illicitly moving hundreds of thousands of dollars from a bank account after declaring bankruptcy. Becker was convicted on four charges of Britain’s Insolvency Act: remov...

Boris Becker sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail over bankruptcy charges

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Six-time grand slam champion Boris Becker was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail on Friday for flouting the terms of his bankruptcy in 2017, the UK's PA media reported. Vroeër vandeesmaand, the 54-year-old Bec...

Mississippi inmates escape jail, search ongoing

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The men – identified as Cesar Martinez, Juan Monsivais, Jose Vasquez, and Cesar Gonzalez, were incarcerated on drug charges, the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department said. Inmates Juan Monsivais, Jose Vasque...

Former WNBA star Shoni Schimmel facing potential jail time for felony assault

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The arrest is linked to an incident on June 13, 2021, when Schimmel reportedly choked a former partner during a dispute. Assault charges were filed against Schimmel after the victim showed "substantial bodily harm." ...

Lady Gaga’s dog walker speaks out after man arrested for shooting him erroneously freed from jail

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Fischer took to Instagram on Friday to share his reaction to the suspect being on the loose. "While I’m deeply concerned at the events that led to his release, I’m confident law enforcement will rectify the error," F ...

Jussie Smollett releases new song, ‘Thank You God,’ after he’s released from jail: ‘You got the wrong one

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Die vorige "Ryk" star shared the single on his Instagram account, which according to his bio is "currently run by" the Smollett family. In die onderskrif van die berig, it's noted that "100% of the profits will be don...

Lady Gaga-hondloper-skietverdagte is per ongeluk uit die tronk vrygelaat: verslae

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Lady Gaga-hondloper-skietverdagte is per ongeluk uit die tronk vrygelaat, 19, Lady Gaga-hondloper-skietverdagte is per ongeluk uit die tronk vrygelaat.

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