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US Capitol rioter who tried to flee to Switzerland is jailed pre-trial

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Washington A geophysicist who allegedly beat police officers who were trying to help injured rioters during the US Capitol siege will be jailed before trial, a federal judge ruled Wednesday, citing the man's ham-hand...

US Capitol riot defendant jailed after watching MyPillow CEO’s conspiracy symposium while prohibited from going online

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The QAnon supporter who chased Officer Eugene Goodman near the Senate chamber during the US Capitol insurrection was sent back to jail Thursday, in part because he violated the rules of his release by going online t...

Australian man jailed after stomping on pregnant Muslim woman

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An Australian man who punched and stomped on a pregnant Muslim woman has been sentenced to three years in prison. Rana Elasmar, a mother of four, estaba 38 weeks pregnant when the attack took place last November, accor ...

Madonna calls gun control the ‘new vaccine,’ wants police jailed without trial in bizarre posts

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The signer took to Instagram, aiming to "wake up America" to the need to stem gun violence. A video shows her putting up signs with the hashtags "#WAKEUPAMERICA" y "#GUNCONTROLNOW," with unidentified people. It's u...

Hombre vietnamita encarcelado durante cinco años por propagar coronavirus

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Vietnam encarceló a un hombre el lunes durante cinco años por violar las estrictas reglas de cuarentena de Covid-19 y propagar el virus a otros., medios estatales informaron. Le Van Tri, 28, fue condenado por "propagación de enfermedades infecciosas peligrosas..

A Black man jailed as a teenager for murder walks free 18 years later after his case got attention during election campaign

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A Minnesota man sentenced to life in prison as a teenager when Amy Klobuchar was the county attorney has been released, after years of claiming innocence. En 2002, Myon Burrell was jailed for life -- a la edad 16 -- fo ...

Man who filmed and taunted dying police officers jailed for 10 meses

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An Australian court has jailed a man for 10 months after he drove dangerously and then filmed and mocked dying police officers at the scene of a deadly crash. Richard Pusey was charged with reckless driving, posses...

Mom of jailed marine Stuart Scheller: ‘They’re trying to bury our son

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The Marine's father told Carlson, "He knew this weekend when he posted again and he broke his silence that they were probably going to arrest him. He is a very intelligent man. He understands what's going to happen t...

Chinese journalist who documented Wuhan coronavirus outbreak jailed for 4 años

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Hong Kong An independent Chinese journalist who reported from Wuhan at the height of the initial coronavirus outbreak has been jailed for four years by a Shanghai court, her lawyer said Monday. A former lawyer, Zhan...

Jarryd Hayne, former Australian rugby league international, jailed for sexual assault

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Former Australian international rugby league player Jarryd Hayne has been jailed for five years and nine months after being found guilty of sexual assault. Hayne, quién es 33, was sentenced Thursday after being found ...

Los republicanos exigen información sobre el oficial de la Infantería de Marina encarcelado que criticó a los líderes militares en Afganistán

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La carta enviada el jueves al secretario Lloyd Austin le da al Departamento de Defensa exactamente una semana para informar al Comité de Supervisión y Reforma sobre el consejo de guerra de Lt. Columna. Stuart Scheller Jr., que ellos discuten ...

Nigerian teen jailed for blasphemy has sentence quashed

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A Nigerian teen who was convicted in the northwest of the country of blasphemy has had his sentence overturned, his lawyer said Friday. The appellate division of the Kano State High Court set aside Omar Farouq's se...

Mujer cuyo padre está encarcelado en Irán pide ayuda

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Las familias de personas occidentales con doble nacionalidad detenidas en Irán, ya sea en prisión o bajo arresto domiciliario, describen que esperan ansiosamente noticias sobre la suerte de sus familiares.. "Tenemos altibajos," dijo Elika Ashoori, cuyo Brit ...

Parents of jailed Marine officer Scheller fight back: ‘They want to burn our son’

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Stu and Cathy Scheller joined "Horario estelar de Fox News" on Friday to reveal that their son could be facing a lengthy prison sentence and pointed fingers at the Marine Corps for suggesting harsh punishment. "They have kind...

Death sentence of Saudi man jailed as a teen for anti-government protests is commuted

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A man who was arrested and sentenced to death for taking part in anti-government protests as a teen in Saudi Arabia has had his sentence commuted, his father told CNN Sunday. Ali al-Nimr's sentence was reduced to 10...

Cheese-loving drug dealer jailed after police spot his fingerprints in a picture of a block of Stilton

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A drug dealer whose fingerprints were analyzed by police when he shared a photo of his hand holding a block of cheese has been sentenced to 13 years and six months in prison. Carl Stewart, 39, from Liverpool, northw...

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