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Jake Tapper to interview Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in first joint interview since winning election

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Washington CNN's Jake Tapper will interview President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Thursday in their first joint interview since winning the election, the network announced Tuesday. Part...

YouTuber Jake Paul offers UFC fighter Conor McGregor $50 million to box him

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YouTuber Jake Paul is trying to capitalize on his initial success in the boxing ring by challenging former UFC champion Conor McGregor. Channeling his inner-McGregor in a profane, insulting rant posted on social med...

La estrella de YouTube Jake Paul se enfrentará al ex luchador de UFC Ben Askren en el combate de boxeo de abril

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Jake Paul, la estrella de YouTube convertida en boxeador, tiene su próximo partido alineado. La controvertida personalidad de Internet se enfrentará al ex luchador de UFC Ben Askren en abril 17, según ESPN. Paul solo tiene dos peleas bajo ...

YouTuber Jake Paul denies sexual assault allegations made by TikTok star Justine Paradise

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In a video released Friday on YouTube, Paradise detailed how the aspiring professional boxer allegedly forced her into having oral sex in July 2019 at his Team 10 Calabasas, Calif. residence. "Our client is aware of ...

What you need to know about the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren boxing match

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YouTube star Jake Paul is set to fight in his third professional boxing match against former UFC fighter Ben Askren. Tonight's eight-round pro boxing match will be held by Triller, a video-making and social-networki...

La estrella de YouTube Jake Paul gana el último combate de boxeo en la primera ronda contra Ben Askren

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El YouTuber convertido en boxeador Jake Paul derrotó al ex luchador de MMA Ben Askren en un combate de box muy esperado con un nocaut técnico en el primer asalto., cuando los dos se enfrentaron el sábado por la noche en el estadio Mercedes-Benz de Atlanta. Paul, 24, ...

Ben Askren’s reaction post-match goes viral after getting knocked out by Jake Paul

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sin embargo, what transpired after the match is what went viral all over social media. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Askren, quien tiene un 19-2 record in the UFC, didn’t seem upset after the loss. A video surfaced o...

Ben Askren ‘trained hardfor Jake Paul fight but says money was his ‘No.1reason for agreeing to match

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Askren said during an appearance on the "Louder with Crowder" podcast Monday that he stayed off of social media the day after the fight and was "decepcionado" following Saturday's loss to Paul where he was knocked ou...

CNN’s Jake Tapper accuses Chauvin defense of ‘misleading,’ ‘gaslightingjury ahead of guilty verdict

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"If you talk about the defense and what they did, and the defense did what the defense attorneys do, they try to change the subject ... throw as much at the wall and see what sticks," Tapper said during an exchange w...

La estrella de YouTube Jake Paul critica a Dana White de UFC: "Eres el verdadero imbécil’

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El domingo, Paul disparó directamente al presidente de UFC por cuestiones de dinero en la organización de artes marciales mixtas y habló sobre su victoria en la primera ronda sobre Ben Askren en el evento Triller Fight Club.. White alegó ....

Tommy Fury calls Jake Paul ‘a massive p—-", says he’s ready to fight him ‘anytime, anyplace

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Tommy Fury, a 21-year-old boxing sensation and the younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson, told TMZ Sports that he wants Paul in the ring, but he called him a "massive p----" adding that he doesn’t want to fig...

UFC legend Daniel Cormier will fight Jake Paul on this condition

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Cormier, who was a broadcaster for UFC 261, was seen getting into a bit of a tiff with Paul during the event. Paul was fresh off a victory over former MMA fighter Ben Askren to move to 3-0 in his professional boxing ...

CNN’s Jake Tapper retweets latest Cuomo bombshell but avoids mentioning it on his two-hour program

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Tapper, who is widely regarded as CNN's most serious news anchor, retweeted the explosive report to his 3 million Twitter followers on Wednesday after it was shared by Times deputy managing editor Cliff Levy. JAKE TA...

Texas linebacker Jake Ehlinger, younger brother of former Longhorns star QB, found dead off campus: reporte

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Police said that a call was made at 12:18 pm. and they found Jake Ehlinger in the 1200 block of West 22nd Street. Authorities weren’t clear on how they found him, sin embargo, they said his death was not considered susp...

Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul mix it up at PR event, champ shouts ‘I’ll kill you

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Jake Paul got in Mayweather’s face while he was doing an interview, and he decided to rip Mayweather’s hat off his head and then tried to run away. En el video, you could see that punches were thrown, and Jake Paul’...

Conor McGregor critica a Floyd Mayweather por el incidente de Jake Paul: "Pro a pro es vergonzoso’

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Mayweather se involucró en el altercado con Paul el jueves mientras hacía una conferencia de prensa para su próxima pelea con el hermano mayor de Paul., Logan, en Junio 6 en el Hard Rock Stadium de Florida. Jake Paul se enfureció..

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