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China tensions loom as Japan’s Okinawa marks 50 years since US handover

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TokyoThe Japanese island chain of Okinawa marked the 50th anniversary on Sunday of the end of US occupation and its return to Japan with ceremonies and celebrations amid growing worry about its proximity to an increa...

What we know about the earthquake off Japan’s Fukushima coast

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A deadly 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan's Fukushima prefecture on Wednesday, injuring dozens of people. Debido a la gran cantidad de lectores y la prominencia del papel globa.., the incident brought back painful memories of 2011, when an earthquake trigge...

7.3-magnitude earthquake hits coast off Japan’s Fukushima prefecture

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Tokyo A tsunami warning was issued by Japanese officials Wednesday following a 7.3-magnitude earthquake that hit off the coast of Fukushima prefecture, where a 2011 quake caused a disaster at a nuclear power plant. T ...

Japan’s tough talk on Russia is really about China

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Tokyo Japan has backed its condemnation of war in Ukraine with sanctions on Russian officials and oligarchs, but experts say they're not the only audience for Tokyo's outrage -- China is meant to get the message, too...

Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida seeks to boost defense capability

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TokyoJapanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida vowed Monday to strengthen the country's defenses by looking into options including acquiring the capability to strike enemy bases as it deals with an assertive China and un...

Japan’s economy shrinks more than expected as supply shortages hit

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TokyoJapan's economy contracted much faster than expected in the third quarter as global supply disruptions hit exports and business spending while new Covid-19 cases soured the consumer mood, undermining efforts to ...

Japan’s Fumio Kishida defies expectations as ruling party easily keeps majority

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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's ruling LDP defied expectations and held on to a stable majority in Sunday's parliamentary election, solidifying his position in a fractious party and allowing him to ramp up st...

Japan’s princess marries a commoner and loses her royal status

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The marriage to Kei Komuro cost Mako her royal status. She received her husband's surname — the first time she has had a family name. Most Japanese women must abandon their own family names upon marriage due to a law...

La princesa Mako de Japón celebra su último cumpleaños como miembro de la familia imperial antes de casarse con un plebeyo

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La princesa Mako de Japón se convirtió 30 en sábado -- su último cumpleaños como miembro de la familia imperial antes de casarse con su novio plebeyo la próxima semana. Su matrimonio con Kei Komuro el martes significará que se convertirá en una ...

Japan’s Mount Aso volcano spews plumes of ash, people warned away

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TokyoA volcano erupted in Japan on Wednesday, blasting ash several miles into the sky and prompting officials to warn against the threat of lava flows and falling rocks, but there were no reports of injuries or casua...

Japan’s Prime Minister dissolves Parliament ahead of October 31 eleccion general

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Tokyo Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida dissolved Parliament's lower house on Thursday, setting the stage for a general election this month as he seeks to rouse support for his newly formed government. The vote, t ...

Japan’s Princess Mako will marry her commoner fiance this month

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Tokyo Japan's Princess Mako and her commoner fiance Kei Komuro announced Friday they will be married on October 26, public broadcaster NHK reported -- a controversial union that requires her to give up her royal stat...

Es probable que Fumio Kishida se convierta en el próximo primer ministro de Japón después de ganar las elecciones de liderazgo

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Tokio El exdiplomático principal de Japón, Fumio Kishida, derrotó a Taro Kono en una segunda vuelta el miércoles para convertirse en líder del gobernante Partido Liberal Democrático. (LDP) -- abriendo un camino para que se convierta en el próximo Prim del país..

Japan’s defense minister draws red line in island dispute with China

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Tokyo Japan is drawing a red line around an island chain also claimed by China, pushing back at Beijing's increasingly aggressive military posturing, and setting the stage for a potential showdown between the region'...

Japan’s PM Suga will not run in party leader election, effectively giving up the premiership

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Tokyo Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide will not run in his party's forthcoming leadership election, effectively giving up the premiership, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party confirmed Friday. Suga's decision c...

Japan’s Princess Mako rejects $1.3 million payout ahead of marrying legal assistant: reporte

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The Japanese royal is set to marry her college sweetheart, Kei Komuro, by the end of next year – and she plans to turn down a $ 1.3 million payout from the government, the U.K. Times reported on Thursday. According ...

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