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Trump-backed GOP Senate nominee Jason Lewis mocked elementary school sexual harassment in 1999

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Jason Lewis, a former GOP congressman running for a US Senate seat in Minnesota, dismissed in a 1999 television show sexual harassment and assault in K-12 schools as being insignificant cases of children teasing eac...

Lenny Kravitz perfectly sums up his friendship with Jason Momoa

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Lenny Kravitz has nothing but love for ex-wife Lisa Bonet and her husband, Jason Momoa. The rocker spoke to "Men's Health" about his unconventional friendship with Momoa. "People can't believe how tight Jason and I ...

‘Saturday Night Live’ keer terug met Jason Bateman as gasheer

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Jason Bateman sal gasheer wees "Saturday Night Live" die naweek, en in 'n voorskou vir die vertoning word hy saam met die rolverdeling Heidi Gardner en die musikale gas Morgan Wallen versier. Maar in die clip kan Gardner nie glo nie ...

Jason Derulo and girlfriend Jena Frumes are expecting their first child

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Jason Derulo and his girlfriend, model Jena Frumes, are expecting their first child. Die "Ridin' Solo" singer revealed he is set to become a dad, sharing a sentimental video on Instagram of the couple walking on a ...

Jason Chaffetz: Demokrate’ crisis relief a pretext to throw trillions at this ‘disaster liberalism’ agenda

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The rest of the money is being used to grow government and to subsidize well-heeled Democratic constituencies. Ditto for the last COVID relief bill, of which roughly 10% funded COVID relief. Already the Biden adminis...

Jason Johnson: Repealing the police ‘Bill of Rightswas wrong – Don’t follow Maryland’s lead

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Police accountability matters – that’s why Gov. Larry Hogan was right to veto much of Maryland’s so-called ‘police reform’ legislation last week. Ongelukkig, the Democratic supermajorities in the state legislature...