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Meet ‘Jaws of Death,’ a 33-foot lizard that terrorized the seas 80 miljoen jaar gelede

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Rofweg 80 million years ago in the shallow inland sea that once split North America into eastern and western land masses, a fearsome 10-meter-long (33-foot-long) marine reptile with powerful jaws and tremendous bite...

'N Puppy wat uit die kake van die alligator gered is, is vereer as 'n' adjunkhond '’

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'N 4 maande oue Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is nou 'n balju in Florida "Adjunkhond" nadat hy gered is uit 'n alligator wat hom onder die water gesleep het. Die balju van Lee County vereer die hondjie, benoem ...

‘Remarkably luckyAustralian man escapes crocodile by prizing jaws off his head

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A "remarkably lucky" Australian man who forced a crocodile off his head by prizing open its jaws with his bare hands has managed to escape with minor injuries, paramedics said. The 44-year-old Queensland man fought ...

Florida man rescues puppy from alligator’s jaws: ‘He was in a death roll’

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Mike McCoy, from Holiday, Florida, was taking his 8-month-old chocolate lab Jake on a walk Tuesday. According to ABC Action News, the two were walking near a pond that’s behind a local middle school when suddenly, a ...

Shark expert blames ‘Jaws’ for unfairly stigmatizing sharks, hopes to change public’s perception

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Marine biology professor and director of the Shark Lab at California State University, Chris Lowe, joined the conversation Sunday as marine experts and advocates urge the public to refrain from using the word "attack...