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Justin Theroux sheds light on divorce from Jennifer Aniston: ‘We’ve remained friends

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In werklikheid, 49-year-old actor emphasized to Esquire magazine how he and the "Vriende" aluin, 52, are still close friends who call each other and text frequently. "Kyk, people create narratives that make themselves feel...

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announce breakup in new statement

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez say they are better off as friends. The stars announced on Thursday that they are officially ending their two-year engagement. "We have realized we are better as friends and look fo...

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez split and officially end their engagement: ‘We are better as friends

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A source close to Lopez confirmed to Fox News that she and the former MLB player are no longer moving forward with their marriage. The duo issued a joint statement to TODAY on Thursday, just weeks after reconciling. ...

Jennifer Jo Cobb to make NASCAR Cup Series debut at Talladega

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Cobb's No. 15 car is guaranteed a starting spot through NASCAR's charter system, which means she's set to become the first female to drive in the top series since Danica Patrick retired in 2018. (Sean...

Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez headline concert to get coronavirus vaccines to poor nations

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The anti-poverty organization announced the musical event "VAX Live: The Concert to Reunite the World." Its goal is to enlist corporations and philanthropists to raise $ 22 billion for global vaccinations, particula...

Jennifer Lopez says she works out ‘harder and smarter’ at 51 than in her 20s

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The 51-year-old star has been known for years for her beauty and for staying in shape throughout her entire decades-long career in Hollywood as a singer, dancer and actress. No doubt constantly performing on stage an...

Jennifer Rubin klop 'Liberal Hack’ kampioen Brian Stelter, kry Chris Cuomo in die titelwedstryd

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Vryf in, wat in verlede jaar se kampioenskapwedstryd deur Stelter verslaan is, het CNN se linkse mediagoeroe met 'n skrale marge uit die weg geruim, verdien 51% van die yslike 15,858 stemme, 'n indrukwekkende 8-punt swaai van 2020. Terwyl S ...

Jennifer Lopez’s exes Marc Anthony, Ben Affleck gush over her talent, work ethic

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The two stars were interviewed for JLo's new profile in InStyle magazine for its May issue. Lopez, 51, and Anthony, 52, were married from 2004 aan 2014 and share 13-year-old twins, daughter Emme and son Max. "The th...

Sunrise Movement endorses Jennifer Carroll Foy for Virginia governor

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Sunrise Movement, the progressive youth-led climate activist group, on Monday announced it is endorsing Jennifer Carroll Foy in the Virginia gubernatorial race. As verkies, Carroll Foy would be the first Black fem...

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez split

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are going their separate ways. The duo split "a few weeks ago," a source close to couple told CNN Friday. "It doesn't seem like they will get back together," het die bron gesê, addi...

Jennifer Garner is trots om 'te lyk soos 'n vrou wat drie babas gehad het’

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Jennifer Garner sê sy omhels haar liggaam verander nadat sy drie kinders gebaar het. Die "Ja Dag" ster verskyn op die "Gelukkige Mamma, Gelukkige baba" podcast, waar sy vir die gasheer Giovanna Fletcher gesê het dat dit ten spyte van wat hulle ...

Senate confirms Jennifer Granholm as energy secretary

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The Senate on Thursday confirmed President Joe Biden's nominee for energy secretary, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. The final vote was 64-35. Hierdie storie is besig om te breek en sal opgedateer word.

lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez to headline Biden-Harris inauguration

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Washington Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez will headline President-elect Joe Biden's and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris' swearing-in ceremony, the Presidential Inaugural Committee announced on Thursday. Gaga, who h...

Jennifer Lopez may adopt Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s approach to togetherness

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged, but that doesn't mean they're getting married. Lopez stopped by Andy Cohen's SiriusXM show, "Radio Andy," on Monday and revealed she and her fiancé have discussed not ...

Jennifer Lawrence se familieplaas verloor skuur in die brand

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Deel van die familieboerdery van Jennifer Lawrence in Kentucky, wat ook 'n somerkamp bedryf, is die naweek deur 'n brand verwoes, volgens 'n verklaring van die kamp. "Dit is met die swaarste harte wat ons kan ...

Jennifer Lopez vier die vrystelling van haar nuwe enkelsnit met 'n virtuele danspartytjie

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Jennifer Lopez het nie toegelaat dat Covid-19-beperkings haar keer om die vrystelling van haar nuwe enkelsnit saam met aanhangers te vier nie. Die popster, saam met haar tweeling Emme en Max, verloofde Alex Rodriguez, en sy dogters, Natasha ...

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