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Army veteran Jeremy Hunt sounds off on ‘woke pushin the military: ‘Very troubling

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AINSLEY EARHARDT: Jeremy, give us your topline thoughts on Congressman Crenshaw's tweet, and sort of this woke push in the military overall. JEREMY HUNT: Algehele, I applaud Sen. Cotton and Rep. Crenshaw who are speak...

Leaked footage of UFO ‘harassingUS warship is ‘authentic’: Jeremy Corbell

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That filmmaker, Jeremy Corbell, aangesluit "Amerika verslae" on Friday to discuss the intrigue and potential national security severity behind the footage, which includes commentary from apparent Naval officers on the U....

Governments need to reveal what they have been hiding about UFOs: Jeremy Corbell

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The video was captured on July 15, 2019 by a Navy aircraft and recorded in the USS Omaha's Combat Information Center. According to Corbell, the object is believed to be a transmedium spherical vehicle approximately s...

Jeremy Swayman wins 2nd NHL start, Bruins beat Capitals 4-2

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Jeremy Lauzon, Anton Blidh and Craig Smith also scored for Boston, which won back-to-back starts by its rookie fourth-string goaltender fresh out of college in his first professional season. "My mindset doesn’t chang...

Die veteraan van die NBA, Jeremy Lin, sal nie die persoon noem wat hom 'coronavirus' genoem het nie’ op die hof

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Die voormalige NBA-ster Jeremy Lin sal nie die persoon noem wat hom gebel het nie "coronavirus" terwyl hy basketbal gespeel het. Lin, wat vir die Santa Cruz Warriors speel, die G-liga, of minderjarige liga, filiaal van die Gold ...

Die veteraan van die NBA, Jeremy Lin, sê hy is 'coronavirus' genoem’ op die hof

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Namate die aantal gewelddadige aanvalle op Asiatiese Amerikaners toeneem, die voormalige NBA-ster Jeremy Lin het gesê dat hy rassisme ervaar het terwyl hy basketbal gespeel het. "Wees 'n 9 jaar NBA-veteraan beskerm my nie van oproep nie ...

‘Star Wars’ star Jeremy Bulloch, who played Boba Fett, sterf bejaardes 75

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London Jeremy Bulloch, the British actor who played the character Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy, is op ouderdom oorlede 75. His agent confirmed in a statement to CNN that Bulloch passed away on Thursday, Decembe...

UK’s Labour Party suspends former leader Jeremy Corbyn after anti-Semitism report

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Britain's main opposition Labour party has suspended its former leader Jeremy Corbyn, in a stunning development that followed the release of a damning report by the UK's human rights watchdog. The Equality and Human...

Raheem Sterling leads tributes to former Manchester City youth player Jeremy Wisten who died at 17

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Tributes have poured in for a former youth player at English Premier league side Manchester City who died at the age of 17. Malawi-born Jeremy Wisten, who was a defender, joined City's elite youth squads in 2016, ac ...