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New Jersey dad tosses toddler son out a window to first responders in escape from burning building

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Dramatic video of the rescue shows officers encouraging the man to toss his son to them as the fire raged. "Pass the baby! Pass the baby!" one of the officers yelled.

New Jersey fourth-grader sends message to governor to end school mask mandates: ‘Not really working well

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"I am only a kid once," she wrote in her letter to the governor. Aan "jakkals & Vriende eers" Vrydag, Maci and her mom, Chelsea, explained why they decided to speak out. CONNECTICUT FAMILY SHARES ‘HEARTBREAKING’ IM...

Video showing police breaking up a fight between a Black teen and a White teen in a New Jersey mall prompts outrage

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A video showing police officers breaking up a fight between a Black teenager and a White teenager at a New Jersey mall has prompted outrage over the police response. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said Wednesday t...

Aspiring New Jersey Navy SEAL remembered by coach and friend: ‘A leader on and off the field

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NAVY OPENS INVESTIGATION INTO SEAL CANDIDATE'S DEATH DURING ‘HELL WEEK’ Kyle Mullen's former coach at Manalapan (N.J.) Hoërskool, Ed Gurrieri, and Mullen's friend Taylor Aloisio joined "jakkals & Vriende" to discus...

New Jersey governor to announce timeline to end mask mandate in state schools

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In a dramatic shift, Goue New Jersey. Phil Murphy will announce Monday a timeline to end the state's school mask mandate, with a new policy to take effect in the second week of March, his office told CNN. Murphy f...

Bengale’ Joe Burrow gives Kid Cudi jersey from AFC Championship Game

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Burrow gifted the jersey he wore in the team’s AFC Championship win over the Kansas City Chiefs to the hip-hop star. Cudi tweeted on Friday he received the piece of memorabilia from Burrow. SUPER KOM 2022: WHAT TO K...

New Jersey mom calls out school board’s mask hypocrisy: ‘Rules for thee and not for me

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PENNSYLVANIA PARENTS RESPOND TO SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER OP-ED: ‘IF HE DOESN’T WORK FOR US, WHO DOES HE WORK FOR?' Ridgewood, New Jersey, mother of two Ashley Laub joined "jakkals & Vriende," saying the incident was symbo...

Wild edge Rangers om Henrik Lundqvist-trui-uittrede te bederf

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Wild edge Rangers om Henrik Lundqvist-trui-uittrede te bederf 10 speletjies, Wild edge Rangers om Henrik Lundqvist-trui-uittrede te bederf 25 Wild edge Rangers om Henrik Lundqvist-trui-uittrede te bederf. Wild edge Rangers om Henrik Lundqvist-trui-uittrede te bederf.

New Jersey word die tweede staat wat vereis dat Asiatiese Amerikaanse geskiedenis in skole onderrig word

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New Jersey sal binnekort vereis dat Asiatiese Amerikaanse geskiedenis in openbare skole onderrig word. Goewerneur. Phil Murphy het Dinsdag wetgewing onderteken wat dit verpligtend sal maak vir K-12-skole om Asiatiese Amerikaanse en Stille Oseaan in te sluit ...

Major fire breaks out at chemical plant in New Jersey and residents urged to keep windows closed

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Firefighters battled a massive, 11-alarm fire Friday night at a chlorine manufacturing plant in New Jersey that could be seen from miles away and led to warnings about air quality in the region. One firefighter was ...

Goue New Jersey. Murphy signs bill preserving abortion in state law

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Die VSA. Supreme Court in December last year heard arguments regarding two cases that some predict will see a devolution of abortion rights to the state level to determine. "Regardless of whether or not the Supreme ...

Antonio Brown is nie meer deel van die Tampa Bay Buccaneers nie nadat hy die trui uitgetrek en middel van die wedstryd die kantlyn verlaat het., sê afrigter

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Die Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 28-24 oorwinning oor die New York Jets was Sondag nie sonder drama nie. Bucs-ontvanger Antonio Brown het blykbaar middel-wedstryd uitgetree, soos hy op die kantlyn gesien is om sy trui en walki uit te trek...

New Jersey Supreme Court vacates murder conviction of mother who was charged in her son’s killing decades after he disappeared

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The murder conviction of a New Jersey mother who was charged in her son's killing 23 years after he vanished has been vacated by a panel of judges, volgens hofstukke. Michelle Lodzinski's murder convictio...

Latino's wat steeds skarrel weens Covid-19 in New Jersey, is op 'n hoë gereedheidsgrondslag oor Omicron

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Terwyl sy regoor New Jersey aan deure geklop het en oor Covid-19 gepraat het, Nayeli Salazar de Noguera kon nie vergeet van hoe die virus verlede jaar amper haar ouma doodgemaak het nie. Sy het eerstehands geweet die tol wat die virus opgeneem het ...

New Jersey hijacker who used backhoe to flip police car shot and killed: ‘Out of a movie

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The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office said it is investigating the fatal police-involved shooting that happened just before 6 am. Saturday during an encounter in the Penn Lincoln Mobile Home Park in Vineland, plek ...

New Jersey lottery winning numbers for Thursday, Des. 9

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Powerball Estimated jackpot: $ 307 million NEW JERSEY REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS DEFY COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATE Midday Pick 3 6-3-8, Fireball: 3 (ses, drie, agt; Fireball: drie) COVID-19 OMICRON VARIANT: NEW ...