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Biden’s push for more government spending, more regulation will be ‘jet fuel’ sobre la inflación: Ryun

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NED RYUN: I don't think we're anywhere near the bottom, desafortunadamente, Voluntad. When you hear Biden saying that his solution to solving inflation is more government spending, more regulation. quiero decir, these will be jet fuel on i...

UK bracing for possible ‘sting jetas rare threat-to-life warning issued in back-to-back storms

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Meteorologists in the UK have issued a rare danger-to-life alert as Storm Eunice is forecast to batter parts of the country Friday, potentially creating a "sting jet" that could bring havoc to streets. El jueves, ...

McAuliffe receives another six-figure donation from billionaire Epstein associate who owns the ‘fjet

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Ron Burkle, a billionaire investor, donated $ 100,000 to McAuliffe’s campaign in September — his latest donation in support of the former governor’s electoral bid, according to Virginia campaign financial records re...