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Jewel thieves jailed for $35 million celebrity burglaries

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London A gang of jewelery thieves have been jailed for a string of burglaries on the homes of celebrities, where they made away with £26 million ($ 34.9 milioni) worth of luxury stolen goods. Jugoslav Jovanovic, Ma...

WWE Crown Jewel: Saudi Arabia’s silver medalist Tareg Hamedi makes surprise appearance

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Hamedi, who was awarded the silver medal in karate after he was disqualified for knocking his opponent out with a brutal kick at the Tokyo Olympics, showed up to the event which aired Thursday. He confronted Mustafa ...

Quentin Tarantino reveals he purchased the landmark Vista Theatre in Los Angeles: It’s a ‘crown jewel’

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Il "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" director made the announcement during an appearance on Dax Shepard’s "Esperto di poltrona" podcast and opened up about the despair he has felt brought on by large theater chains and bu...