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In a year filled with pandemic and election madness, the Jewish New Year allows for a time to reflect and renew

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Can this year just stop already? It's a thought ricocheting around the world as we cope with Covid-19, kwarantyn, wildfires and hurricanes. Now it can. Rosh Hashanah, which marks the Jewish New Year, begins Frida...

Palestinians describe fight against a West Bank settlement as an existential battle. Jewish settlers say the same

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Beita, West Bank A small boy sits on a hillside in the occupied West Bank. Like the adults around him, he trains a green laser beam on a group of prefabricated housing units on a hilltop a few hundred meters away. Dit...

Iran will target ‘the heartof Israel if the Jewish State makes ‘slightest moveagainst it, president warns

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"If you make the slightest move against our nation ... our armed forces' destination will be the heart of the Zionist regime," Raisi warned. He spoke as talks stalled in Vienna amid U.S. President Biden's attempt to ...

Pro-Palestynse gepeupel val Joodse etes in LA aan, 3 verdagtes gesoek in die ondersoek na haatmisdaad

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'N Woordvoerder van LAPD het Donderdag aan Fox News bevestig dat drie verdagtes steeds gesoek word na die voorval wat net voorheen gebeur het 10 nm. Dinsdag buite 'n sushi-restaurant in die 300 blok van Noord-L ...

A Jewish culinary renaissance is expanding the definition of kosher food

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Leonardo Nourafchan wanted to do something different. After trying out jobs in real estate, the California native knew he wanted to break into the food industry, starting with catering from his home and creating blo...

Demokrate van die Joodse Huis veroordeel Omar omdat hy die VSA en Israel met Hamas en Taliban vergelyk het

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'N Groep van 'n dosyn Demokratiese lede van die Joodse Huis doen 'n beroep op mede-verteenwoordiger. Ilhan Omar aan "maak haar woorde duidelik," nadat sy haar daarvan beskuldig het dat sy die VSA en Israel met die Taliban en Hamas gelykgestel het, die Palestynse militante g ...

Chicago suspect sought after yelling at Jewish students: ‘All of you should be killed

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The incident happened just before 2:30 nm. op Jan.. 13 outside the Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi Academy on North Carolina Avenue, Chicago police said. CHICAGO POLICE MAKE ARREST IN ANTISEMITIC HATE CRIME SPREE TARGETING SYN...

Lede van die Ortodokse Joodse gemeenskap betoog in Brooklyn ná nuwe Covid-19-beperkings

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Lede van die Ortodokse Joodse gemeenskap het betoog en items in Borough Park aan die brand gesteek, Brooklyn, Dinsdag laat in New York, ure nadat die staat streng nuwe koronavirusverwante beperkings aangekondig het. Die is...

Israel’s Olympic gold victory raises Jewish identity debate

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The Ukrainian-born Israeli gymnast was hailed as a national hero for winning Israel's second-ever gold medal — and its first in artistic gymnastics. But the celebrations were tempered after his mother lamented that t...

Israel blasts Russian official who said Hitler had ‘Jewish origins,’ demands apology

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The comments, made during an interview with Italian television, prompted Israel to summon the Russian ambassador. Lavrov made the remarks when he was asked why Russia feels it needs to "denazifiseer" Ukraine if the count...

NYC Jewish residents attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters speak out on viral video: ‘They wanted blood

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Amit Skornik and Snir Dayan served together a few years ago in the Israeli Defense Forces but didn't expect to find themselves battling pro-Palestinian aggressors outside a well-known Upper East Side bagel shop on th...

Trump uses anti-Semitic tropes to again criticize Jewish Americans

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Voormalige president Donald Trump, in a newly released interview, claimed that Jewish Americans "either don't like Israel or don't care about Israel," while also suggesting that evangelical Christians "love Israel more ...

Anti-Semitic robbers snatch yarmulke, money from Jewish man in NYC

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The holdup — which was caught on video — happened at Metropolitan and Graham avenues in Williamsburg the afternoon of June 2, police said Friday. The men approached the 21-year-old and demanded money while making sta...

NYC antisemitic crimes up nearly 300% in Januarie, latest involves Jewish man ambushed from behind

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Daar was 15 hate crimes committed against Jewish people in January – a 275% increase compared to the 4 hate crimes recorded in January 2021, according to NYPD statistics provided to Fox News Digital. CHICAGO SUSPEC...

Michigan Joodse begraafplaas ontheilig met 'pro-Trump’ boodskappe

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Talle grafstene by 'n Joodse begraafplaas in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is mee gevandaliseer "pro-Trump" boodskappe, het die Grand Rapids-polisiekantoor Dinsdag gesê. Die ontheiliging is by die Ahavas Israel-begraafplaas gevind..

New ‘Jeopardy!’ host Mayim Bialik reveals how she honored her Jewish heritage while filming episodes

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Bialik was announced as one of the new permanent hosts of the game show Wednesday. Die "Oerknalteorie" star and executive producer Mike Richards will take over the role previously held by Alex Trebek, who died last...

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