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NYC Jewish residents attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters speak out on viral video: ‘They wanted blood

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Amit Skornik and Snir Dayan served together a few years ago in the Israeli Defense Forces but didn't expect to find themselves battling pro-Palestinian aggressors outside a well-known Upper East Side bagel shop on th...

Trump uses anti-Semitic tropes to again criticize Jewish Americans

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Voormalige president Donald Trump, in a newly released interview, claimed that Jewish Americans "either don't like Israel or don't care about Israel," while also suggesting that evangelical Christians "love Israel more ...

Anti-Semitic robbers snatch yarmulke, money from Jewish man in NYC

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The holdup — which was caught on video — happened at Metropolitan and Graham avenues in Williamsburg the afternoon of June 2, police said Friday. The men approached the 21-year-old and demanded money while making sta...

NYC antisemitic crimes up nearly 300% in Januarie, latest involves Jewish man ambushed from behind

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Daar was 15 hate crimes committed against Jewish people in January – a 275% increase compared to the 4 hate crimes recorded in January 2021, according to NYPD statistics provided to Fox News Digital. CHICAGO SUSPEC...

Michigan Joodse begraafplaas ontheilig met 'pro-Trump’ boodskappe

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Talle grafstene by 'n Joodse begraafplaas in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is mee gevandaliseer "pro-Trump" boodskappe, het die Grand Rapids-polisiekantoor Dinsdag gesê. Die ontheiliging is by die Ahavas Israel-begraafplaas gevind..

New ‘Jeopardy!’ host Mayim Bialik reveals how she honored her Jewish heritage while filming episodes

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Bialik was announced as one of the new permanent hosts of the game show Wednesday. Die "Oerknalteorie" star and executive producer Mike Richards will take over the role previously held by Alex Trebek, who died last...

Jewish man beaten during wild NYC protests afraid to wear yarmulke

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Joseph Borgen, 29, an accountant from the Upper East Side, said he was walking to the rally when multiple people ganged up on him on Broadway near West 49th Street. "There was a rally at this location last week, wat ...

A son’s obituary paid tribute to his ‘plus-sized Jewish redneck’ ma. Social media loved it

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Andy Corren could not bring his mother's far-flung friends and family together for a funeral after her death this month. So the writer and talent manager did the next best thing: He wrote a brutally honest obituary...

NBA-speler Meyer Leonard vra Joodse kinders om emosionele verskoning nadat hy 'n antisemitiese slur gebruik het

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Leonard, wat emosioneel geraak het toe hy die mikrofoon gryp om die groep toe te spreek, het begin deur te sê dat hy almal skuld "'n opregte verskoning." KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "Ek het baie real ...

Arizona Jewish community leaders sue state over potential use of cyanide gas in executions

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"Ongeveer 80 Holocaust survivors currently call our state their home and many of these survivors are horrified at being taxed to implement the same machinery of cruelty that was used to murder their loved ones,"...

'N Duitse man se Nazi-oupa het die winkel van 'n Joodse man oorgeneem. Hy het sy nageslag opgespoor om verskoning te vra

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Thomas Edelmann is meer as in Duitsland gebore 25 jare nadat die Geallieerdes Hitler verslaan het. Tog verlede jaar, na 'n onverwagte bemarkingsoproep, die 49-jarige sakeman het 'n afgetrede onderwyser in Israel gekontak om 'n ...

Denver verdagtes gearresteer, nog een gesoek in reeks misdade, insluitend die moord op die Joodse skoolstudent

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Die verdagtes, van wie die ouderdom wissel 18 aan 21, is in hegtenis geneem op verdenking van veelvuldige misdade, insluitend die moord op 'n 18-jarige student, inbraak, roof met verswarende omstandighede en diefstal van motorvoertuie ....

Jewish man reports assault with slur in Germany’s capital

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A Berlin police news release said the 41-year-old man wearing a traditional skullcap, or kippa, passed three other men in Duerer Square at about 2:15 am. One of three punched him in the face, knocking him against a ...

Italian Catholic, Jewish leaders condemn use of Nazi flag at church funeral

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Italian Catholic and Jewish leaders on Tuesday condemned as outrageous an episode in which right-wing extremists put a flag with a swastika on a coffin outside a church after a religious funeral and gave Nazi salute...

This rabbi is joining the German army, 90 years after Hitler expelled Jewish soldiers

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Berlin During Germany's Covid-19 lockdown, Rabbi Zsolt Balla earned a devoted online following, live-streaming prayer services on Facebook. Nou, as the country begins to open up, he's taking on a previously unimag...

Jewish and Japanese American groups among growing multiracial effort calling for reparations for Black Americans

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As a third-generation Japanese American, Kathy Nishimoto Masaoka remembers the fight for reparations during the Japanese redress movement in the 1970's. Black leaders in the civil rights movement were among the effo...

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