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Israeli judge’s ruling on Jews who prayed in Al-Aqsa compound ignites controversy

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Jerusalem A court in Jerusalem has issued a controversial ruling that critics say threatens the fragile agreement regulating access to Jerusalem's most disputed holy sites. Israeli Magistrate's Court Judge Zion Sahra...

In 1968, Poland’s communist government forced Jews to leave. Vandag, the country embraces refugees.

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Because SS soldiers used the Nożyk Synagogue as a warehouse and horse stable during World War II, it was the only major Jewish synagogue the Nazis did not destroy in Poland's capital city of Warsaw. Nou, it is once ...

New Jersey man faces federal hate crimes charges for allegedly assaulting, steek, driving into Orthodox Jews

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A New Jersey man is facing federal hate crime charges for "a spree of violent assaults" on members of an Orthodox Jewish community on a single day in April, het amptenare Woensdag gesê. Prosecutors allege that Dion Mar...

Pittsburgh synagogue shooter talked of killing Jews, officer says

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Officer Stephen Mescan was the first to testify in what is expected to be a two-day hearing into whether prosecutors will be allowed to use at trial certain statements made by Bowers the day of the October 2018 massa...

Die burgemeester van Anchorage vra om verskoning nadat hy gesê het betogers’ die gebruik van Ster van Dawid om maskermandaat teen te staan, is 'krediet’ aan Jode

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Die burgemeester van Anchorage, Alaska, het hierdie week om verskoning gevra nadat hy gesê het dat sommige inwoners se besluite om die Ster van Dawid te dra -- à la Jode wat gely het onder Nazi-besette Europa -- om 'n voorgestelde stadsmasker man te protesteer...

Feds say man driven by hatred of Jews pleaded guilty to all charges after deadly 2019 assault on California synagogue

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A Southern Californian man who previously pleaded guilty to state murder and attempted murder charges following a 2019 attack on a synagogue in San Diego pleaded guilty Friday to federal hate crime charges, akkordein ...

Fauci het die masels-uitbreking op Hasidiese Jode geblameer; Ortodokse leiers stel die rekord reg

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Verwys na kudde-immuniteit, Fauci gesê, "Die drumpel is iets wat ons nie weet nie ... jy moet by 'n situasie uitkom soos met masels, waar jy was, manier, 90-plus persent van mense is ingeënt en regtig ...

Mixed city of Arabs and Jews remains on edge after violence

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Israel and Hamas reached a truce two weeks ago to end 11 days of fighting in the Gaza Strip. But the roots of the upheavals that wracked Israel’s mixed Jewish-Arab cities during the war have not been addressed, leavi...