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Belarus announces joint air defense training with Russia amid slurry of strikes in southern Ukraine

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The Ministry of Defense in Belarus said in a Telegram post that its air defense forces would engage in a joint staff training with "officials of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Western Military District of the A...

Joint US-Indonesia war games to expand to 14 nations as tensions simmer in Indo-Pacific

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Jacarta, Indonesia The Indonesian and United States militaries are expanding their annual bilateral exercises to 14 participating countries, the Indonesian Army said in a news release Thursday. Troops from the United...

nosotros, Poland to hold joint military exercises near Ukraine border

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President Joe Biden had visited the city during his trip to Europe for a NATO summit in late March. "Tactical and fire training at the training ground in Nowa Dęba is to deepen the interoperability of Polish and Ame...

Pakistan demands joint probe into ‘accidentalmissile fired by India

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Pakistan on Saturday demanded a joint probe into a missile India said it accidentally fired into its territory, rejecting New Delhi's decision to hold an internal inquiry into the incident and calling on the internat...

Joint Base Andrews placed on lockdown after vehicle drives through security checkpoint; 1 suspect at large

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The vehicle was stopped after the 316th Security Forces Group deployed barriers at the main gate of the base around 9 pm. At least two people fled the vehicle, and one of them was apprehended. "We can confirm that t...

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister in joint meeting with Sec. destello: We will not accept ‘Russian ultimatums

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The Ukrainian minister discussed ongoing diplomatic meetings with Russian officials, and the possibility of a peaceful resolution. sin embargo, Kuleba was less than optimistic about the ongoing humanitarian crisis. "I ca...

Republicans introduce joint resolution demanding Russia lose permanent seat on UN Security Council

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The Republican effort, which Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn and New York Rep. Claudia Tenney are spearheading, comes after Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine. "Th ...

La estrella de 'Wonder Woman', Lynda Carter, revela 'diversión', video musical vanguardista para la versión de 'Danny's All-Star Joint'

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El jueves, la "Mujer Maravilla" La estrella dio a conocer un primer vistazo a su video musical para la interpretación jazzística de Rickie Lee Jones. 1979 pista, "La estrella dio a conocer un primer vistazo a su video musical para la interpretación jazzística de Rickie Lee Jones." La estrella dio a conocer un primer vistazo a su video musical para la interpretación jazzística de Rickie Lee Jones.. "La estrella dio a conocer un primer vistazo a su video musical para la interpretación jazzística de Rickie Lee Jones..

Kate Middleton, Prince William make first joint royal visit of the year

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Prince William and Kate Middleton made their first royal outing of the new year on Wednesday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to the Foundling Museum in central London. According to its website, the museum "...

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley tests positive for Covid-19

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Presidente del Estado Mayor Conjunto Gen. Mark Milley tested positive for Covid-19 Sunday and "is experiencing very minor symptoms," Joint Staff spokesperson Col. Dave Butler said in a statement Monday. Milley "es ...

'Full House' de Bob Saget’ costars release joint statement: ‘Bob, we love you dearly

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"Thirty-five years ago, we came together as a TV family, but we became a real family. And now we grieve as a family," Saget’s co-star and life friend, John Stamos, wrote in an emotional Instagram tribute to the comed...

Taylor Swift defiende la fiesta de cumpleaños conjunta con "Licorice Pizza"’ estrella Alana Haim: "Probamos a todos’

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La estrella del pop se volvió 32 el lunes y lo celebré con una amiga cercana, Miembro de la banda HAIM y "Pizza de regaliz" estrella Alana Haim, quien se convertirá 30 El miércoles, pocos días después de recibir su primera nominación al Globo de Oro..

China anuncia declaración conjunta con EE. UU. Sobre crisis climática

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Glasgow, Escocia Estados Unidos y China anunciaron el miércoles un acuerdo para aumentar sus ambiciones climáticas., pocos días antes del final de la cumbre COP26 en Glasgow. "Hay más acuerdo entre EE. UU. Y China que ....

Rusia y China realizan la primera patrulla conjunta en el Pacífico occidental, El ministerio de defensa ruso dice

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Los buques de guerra rusos y chinos han realizado la primera patrulla conjunta en la parte occidental del Océano Pacífico., dijo el ministerio de defensa ruso en un comunicado el sábado. Las patrullas involucraron un total de 10 guerras ...

Australian-built rover to head to moon in 2026 in joint mission with NASA

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An Australian-made rover will explore the Moon as early as 2026 in the country's first foray into lunar exploration. Australia has signed a deal with NASA to develop a small rover that will have the ability to pick...

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