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'Oorgetal’ sounds off Van Joneswarning to Democrats: ‘He sees what’s coming

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"Van Jones is very wise. I worked at CNN in 2016. I sat alongside Van Jones and oftentimes him and I would talk. You'd have the anti-Trump Republican, you'd have the Hillary Democrat, and then you'd have Van Jones an...

Lawrence Jones on Juneteenth, Father’s Day and the greatness of America

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WHAT IS JUNETEENTH? THE HISTORY BEHIND THE OLDEST MEMORATION OF THE ABOLISHMENT OF SLAVERY IN THE US LAWRENCE JONES: I want to take a moment to reflect on a few of the most important holidays of the year. So eers,...

Opinion: I escaped Alex Jones’ wêreld. This is what I learned

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Josh Owens is a Texas-based writer and a former staffer for Alex Jones' show Infowars. The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author. Kyk na meer opinieartikels op CNN. When I worked for Alex Jones ...

Lawrence Jones asks dad who stood guard at school what we can do for kidssafety after Uvalde shooting

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EDDIE CHELBY: I just knew with the experience that I have being in the military for 11 years and then, I'm actually in the private security business right now, just volunteering your time in your own community is one...

Lawrence Jones takes to the streets to ask Americans about the nation’s gun laws

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LAWRENCE JONES: The president and Democrats calling for tighter gun laws across the country and an even flat-out bans on certain firearms. But the Left won't stop there. This is what they're pushing in the mainstream...

Lawrence Jones on Seattle PD being unable to investigate new rape cases: Consequences of defunding police

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LAWRENCE JONES: So many people watched the "Regte & Orde: SVU" spesiaal. I think it's only like 21 seisoene. These are the people that do it in real life. Just to put into context, mense, the reason why that show i...

Media darling Rebekah Jonesclaims of Florida COVID data manipulation ‘did not occur,’ IG says

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Jones has long claimed the Florida Department of Health manipulated coronavirus numbers at the Republican governor's behest to allow the state to reopen at the height of the pandemic. Egter, her story was declared ...

Record-high gas prices hurt working Americanslivelihood, are ‘not just about convenience’: Jones

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THIS IS HOW MUCH YOUR MEMORIAL DAY ROAD TRIP WILL COST WITH RECORD HIGH GAS PRICES GUTFELD: [Demokrate] realize that nuclear is the only alternative energy that's going to work. And it took them 40 years of demeaning...

Harrison Ford surprises ‘Star Wars’ fans with sneak peek of ‘Indiana Jones 5’

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Harrison Ford made a surprise stop at the Star Wars Celebration at the Anaheim Convention Center to give an update on "Indiana Jones 5." Thursday’s event marked the first in-person convention since 2019 [object Window].

Lawrence Jones: Authorities ‘dropped the ballwith Uvalde school shooting response

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LAWRENCE JONES: Those kids [who] survived will never be the same. It's hard to imagine what these poor kids went through, locked in a room with a monster. And today, we're finally learning what happened in the hour l...

Lawrence Jones gives testimony on the Second Amendment from personal experience

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LAWRENCE JONES: President Biden-appointed Gov. Hochul and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown: Not only do you miss the cause of the problem, you're miles away from offering a solution. That's why people don't trust you. And t...

Pacman Jones agrees with Antonio Brown on one Colin Kaepernick point

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Brown said in a podcast interview with that Kaepernick has been "treated good" despite not playing in the NFL since 2016. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiv...

Lawrence Jones reveals how Planned Parenthood targets women of color

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LAWRENCE JONES: I thought the Democrats were done with Margaret Sanger. But if that's the case, why is Janet Yellen parroting her manifesto in front of Congress? Natuurlik, we all knew it was just a front. Just becau...

Lawrence Jones explains Black votersfrustration with the Democratic Party

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LAWRENCE JONES: So the wise political minds of "Die uitsig" may not understand, but I do. Sunny Hostin says "Black Republicans" is an oxymoron, but an oxymoron is Democrats saying they care about Black lives while supp...

Daniel Jones gets comforting words from Pro Football Hall of Famer after Giants decline fifth-year option

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The Giants declined Jones’ fifth-year option after a handful of disappointing seasons in which inconsistent play and injuries overshadowed some his accomplishments. Warner, who played for the Giants at the start of t...

Van Jones: The LA riots changed America. They also changed me

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"I saw one video of one Black guy getting beaten and saw the court system respond poorly. And it changed my entire life for 30 jare." — Van Jones, April 2022 Op April 29, 1992, a jury handed down its verdict in the...

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