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Val Demings rebukes Jim Jordan in fiery exchange over law enforcement: ‘Did I strike a nerve?’

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Washington Democratic Rep. Val Demings and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan had a heated exchange Tuesday during a House Judiciary hearing after Jordan tried to cut Demings short as she spoke about law enforcement. Tensio...

rappresentante. Val Demings explodes at Rep. Jim Jordan on law enforcement in House hearing

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Giordania, R-Ohio, called for an amendment to the bill during a meeting of the House Judiciary Committee. He condemned Democrats’ rhetoric surrounding law enforcement in the face of heightened tension. Demings, D-Fla.,...

NBA great Michael Jordan will present Kobe Bryant for basketball Hall of Fame induction

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When Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant is posthumously enshrined in the basketball Hall of Fame next month he'll be welcomed in by arguably the sport's greatest player -- Michael Jordan. Bryant's family selected ...

rappresentante. Jim Jordan slams Democrat court-packing attempts as ‘quest for power

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RAPPRESENTANTE. JIM JORDAN: Bene, this is about raw political power. intendo, John, why pick four seats? Why go from nine to 13? Why not just one, Due, tre? Why four? Because four gives them a seven six majority. This is raw p...

Jim Jordan chiama Fauci in "Ingraham Angle": Dicci quando riavremo i nostri diritti’

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"In quale mondo un burocrate non eletto può dire ai cittadini americani quando possiamo esercitare le nostre libertà che Dio ci ha concesso?, quando possiamo esercitare i nostri diritti costituzionali, i nostri diritti del Primo Emendamento?" Jordan ha chiesto a Laura ...

Maxine Waters snaps at Jim Jordan as COVID hearing with Fauci erupts into shouting match: ‘Shut your mouth’

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Jordan got right to the point, noting that Fauci had recently written that it is not yet the time to cease taking precautionary measures such as social distancing, avoiding gatherings, and wearing face masks. HOUSE R...

Jordan Poyer’s wife slams COVID vaccine mandate at Bills games: ‘Very disturbed

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Erie County, New York, Executive Mark Poloncarz announced Tuesday that plans to have a full house at both Bills and Sabres games next season will only happen if fans get vaccinated. BILLS’ JOSH ALLEN ‘DEBATING’ GETT...

Jordan blasts Biden administration policy preventing media access to migrant facilities

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Jordan made the comment on "Futures della domenica mattina" during an exclusive interview with host Maria Bartiromo following a recent trip to the U.S. southern border where he toured a migrant facility in Donna, Texas.Barti...

rappresentante. Jordan slams Biden admin for limiting media’s access to migrant facilities amid surge at border

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Jordan made the comment on "Futures della domenica mattina" during an exclusive interview with host Maria Bartiromo following a recent trip to the U.S. southern border where he toured a migrant facility in Donna, Texas. Bart...

rappresentante. Giordania: Biden’s immigration policies have led to ‘more than a crisisat the border, ‘It is chaos

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RAPPRESENTANTE. JIM JORDAN: They're talking about building the wall, continuing to build the wall, because we heard from every single agent that walls work, they funnel people to the ports of entry, which is how you want the sy...

Jordan Spieth a winner again heading to Augusta National

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Now he's a 27-year-old who has reason to feel much younger. It's amazing what winning can do in golf, and the timing was never better for Spieth. He had gone 82 starts dating to the summer of 2017 since his last vict...

La polizia giordana detiene decine di attivisti, interrompere le proteste

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Amman, La polizia antisommossa giordana mercoledì ha interrotto le proteste ad Amman e in altre città chiamate in occasione del decimo anniversario delle manifestazioni pro-democrazia della Primavera araba, e le autorità hanno arrestato decine di attivisti ...

'Grande Fratello’ le star Jeff Schroeder e Jordan Lloyd aprono un nuovo spettacolo

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"Grande Fratello" I preferiti dai fan Jeff Schroeder e Jordan Lloyd sono tornati. Il duo marito e moglie, che si sono incontrati durante la stagione 11 dello spettacolo di successo in 2009, sono stati annunciati martedì come co-conduttori di una nuova serie televisiva immobiliare ...

Vernon Jordan, leader dei diritti civili e stretto alleato di Bill Clinton, muore

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Washington Vernon Giordania, un leader dei diritti civili e stretto consigliere dell'ex presidente Bill Clinton, è morto lunedì sera, più fonti vicine alla famiglia dicono alla CNN. È stato 85. L'ex presidente della Nazionale ...

Michael Jordan dona $10 milioni per aprire nuove cliniche mediche nella sua città natale nel North Carolina

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La leggenda dell'NBA Michael Jordan sta donando $ 10 milioni per aprire due nuove cliniche mediche nella sua città natale di Wilmington, Carolina del Nord. Le cliniche, dovrebbe aprirsi 2022, servirà il residuo non assicurato o sottoassicurato..

Why didn’t Jim Jordan run for the Senate?

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Di giovedì, rappresentante. Jim Jordan took a pass on the best chance he is likely to ever have to serve in the Senate. The firebrand Ohio Republican, who has become a national conservative hero for his bulldog demeanor and u...