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Yanks get Josh Donaldson from Twins in trade for Gary Sánchez, Gio Urshela

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New York jettisoned Sánchez, a two-time All-Star who's been a defensive liability and slumped at the plate in four straight seasons. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Donaldson, yet another right-handed bat ...

Why Josh Hawley wants to be the only ‘no’ stem — even on a hate crimes bill

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Op Donderdag, 94 senators voted to pass legislation denouncing the recent wave of hate crimes directed at Asian Americans and creating a new position at the Justice Department to expedite those sorts of cases in the ...

White Sox manager says YankeesJosh Donaldson called Tim Anderson a racist comment

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During the New York Yankees' 7-5 win over the Chicago White Sox Saturday, Yankees' third baseman Josh Donaldson, wie is Wit, made a racist comment to Chicago shortstop Tim Anderson, wie is swart, White Sox manager...

White Sox accuse Yankees Josh Donaldson of making racist ‘Jackie’ opmerking; MLB investigating

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After the Yankees' 7-5 win in New York, Anderson, wie is swart, said Donaldson referred to him as "Jackie" tydens die wedstryd, a reference to MLB legend Jackie Robinson. "He just made a, jy weet, disrespectful comment...

Viewers call for all Duggar-related content to be pulled from TLC after Josh Duggar child porn charges

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Vanaf Donderdag, amper 7,000 people have signed the online petition. "The Duggar family should no longer have a platform," die petisie lui. "This family should no longer be allowed to collect money from streaming...

Viagra shoots down advice given to Bills star Josh Allen ahead of playoff game

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Scott, who played for the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens, suggested on ESPN’s "Get Up" Thursday that Allen should take Viagra before the game to help with circulation. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . ...

Amerikaanse skaatsplankryer Josh Neuman, 3 others killed in Iceland plane crash: ‘He passed doing what he loved

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A search for the bodies concluded Sunday after law enforcement said the remains of Numan, 22, Tim Alings, 27, Nicola Bellavia, 32, and pilot Haraldur Diego, 49, were discovered in Lake Thingvallavatn, Iceland’s secon...

Amerikaanse skaatsplankryer Josh Neuman, 22, Amerikaanse skaatsplankryer Josh Neuman

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Amerikaanse skaatsplankryer Josh Neuman, Amerikaanse skaatsplankryer Josh Neuman. Amerikaanse skaatsplankryer Josh Neuman, Amerikaanse skaatsplankryer Josh Neuman 1.2 Amerikaanse skaatsplankryer Josh Neuman,...

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers defeat Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in ‘The Matchgolf event

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Green Bay Packers signal-caller Aaron Rodgers defeated Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes and Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen during the 12-hole event Wednesday at the Wynn G...

Titans stop Josh Allen on crucial 4th down to hold on for win, fans debate whether Bills made right play

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The phrase may be one of the oldest cliches in sports, but it was Bills quarterback Josh Allen who got the lesson in a 34-31 loss to the Tennessee Titans. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Buffalo Bill...

Tim Anderson: Josh Donaldson tried to provoke with ‘Jackie’ kommentaar lewer

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Anderson and White Sox manager Tony La Russa said previously that Donaldson was being racist when he referred to Anderson, wie is swart, by the name of the man who broke baseball's color barrier. Donaldson has appeal...

Thunder’s Josh Giddey youngest to post triple-double, Mavs get the win

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Doncic played with a long brace on his left knee and saw just over 31 minutes in his first game in 23 dae. He was content with setting up teammates for baskets after missing five games with ankle soreness and five m...

The Duggar family is split over Josh Duggar’s child pornography charges: verslag doen

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"They aren't as close as they once were because of all of Josh's legal drama," a source close to the family told People magazine in a report published Wednesday. "It's creating a lot of stress on them — although the...

Tennessee coach Josh Heupel shares thoughts on SEC expansion

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On one hand, he is now the head coach at Tennessee, meaning his opinion on expansion matters. Aan die einde van die dag, adding two more premier programs to the SEC is going to have an impact on conference standings. CLI ...

Sy. Josh Hawley: Joe Biden 'het nie die moed gehad nie’ om Afghanistan vroeg te ontruim

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JOSH HAWLEY: Ons het vandag ook die rede vir al die Amerikaners geleer, ons medeburgers, agtergelaat, dit is omdat Joe Biden te lank gewag het om 'n ontruiming te beveel. Hy het nie die moed gehad om 'n ontruiming te bestel nie..

Sy. Josh Hawley: America under Joe Biden is a land of scarcity and want

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Store shelves are increasingly empty, the cost of basic goods is soaring, supply chains are failing, foreign imports are backlogged at our ports, and a government-induced energy crunch has driven up prices at the pum...

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