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CNN Sport named Digital Publisher of the Year at the 2020 SJA British Sports Journalism Awards

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CNN Sport has been crowned Digital Publisher of the Year at the 2020 SJA British Sports Journalism Awards for the first time. Up against competition from Sky Sports, The Athletic UK, The Coaches' Voice, The Telegra...

Hannity ontplof media om die oorsprong van koronavirus te manipuleer: Joernalistiek is ‘dood,'Begrawe'

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SEAN HANNITY: Die nuwe, dwingende bewyse dat COVID-19 by die Wuhan Instituut vir Virologie ontstaan ​​het. Jy weet, die laboratorium wat dodelike virusse bestudeer het? Van selfoondata wat 'n moontlike afskakeling in die laboratorium toon..

Michael Jordan donates $1M to Morehouse journalism, sport

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The gift announced Friday will help enrich its journalism and sports program that was originally launched with a donation from director and actor Spike Lee. Die skool, in a news release, said the donation will help ...

Lara Trump fakkels media vir 'hartseer’ dekking van Fauci-e-posse: ‘Joernalistiek is dood’

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"Ongelukkig het die hoofstroommedia die bemarkingsarm vir die Demokratiese Party geword," Trump vertel "jakkals & Vriende" Donderdag. "Hulle is nie meer joernaliste nie. Hulle versprei nie meer inligting en feite nie." Die...

Greg Gutfeld: Media attention to border has nothing to do with compassion or journalism

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Thousands upon thousands living under a Texas bridge. And not in a good way. You know if this were spring break, and those were partying undergrads, the outrage would be palpable! It's a super spreader event! Where a...

‘The Problem With Jon Stewarttakes a serious leap into advocacy journalism

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Emerging from his TV hibernation, Jon Stewart has taken John Oliver's deep-dive format into a single issue and gone a step further in "The Problem With Jon Stewart." As "The Daily Show" offered a satirical spin on t...

Politico writer knocks WaPo for scrubbing Steele dossier errors: ‘Is this how journalism diesin darkness?’

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The Post stunned the media landscape last week for issuing major corrections following revelations from the ongoing Durham probe that undermined the paper's previous corroboration of claims made in the memo from ex-B...