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Two Trump-appointed judges reject comparisons between January 6 and Portland political unrest

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Two Trump-appointed federal judges have rejected claims from January 6 defendants that they're being treated unfairly, because of their conservative politics, compared with left-leaning rioters in Portland, オレゴン, ...

New York Dem pushes back against bail reform, wants more authority for judges

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State lawmakers instituted sweeping changes to New York's bail laws in 2019, limiting judges' abilities to set bail or consider the risks a defendant posed if released. Although the laws were loosened last year, Mont...

Opponents of Biden’s vaccine mandate seek to ensure a majority of Republican-appointed judges hear case

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Two challengers to the Biden administration's vaccine mandate for large employers are trying to ensure that their case is decided as quickly as possible by a majority of judges appointed by Republican presidents. T ...

MSNBCは、リッテンハウスの陪審員に連絡することを意図したスタッフを拒否します, 彼が「指示された」という裁判官の主張と矛盾する

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NBCニュースがフォックスニュースデジタルに語った間、その男は確かにフリーランスのMSNBC従業員でした, それは彼が爆発事件で陪審員を写真に撮ったり連絡したりするつもりだったことを否定した. "昨夜, フリーランサーがトラフィックを受信しました。.

Texas abortion provider resumes procedures after sixth week of pregnancy following judge’s ruling

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An organization that operates several clinics in Texas said Thursday that its staff has provided abortions for patients who are more than six weeks into their pregnancy, after a federal judge Wednesday blocked a Tex...

「仮面の歌手’ 赤ちゃんのマスクを外し、裁判官はショックを受けます

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水曜日の夜のエピソードで赤ちゃんの正体を推測した裁判官は一人もいなかった "仮面の歌手。" ロールロールしてください ... それはおかしな男に他なりませんでした, ラリー・ザ・ケーブル・ガイ, 本名はダニエルWです。.

ゴーディはニュージャージー州の連邦裁判官の息子の殺害を思い出します: 「殺人は差別しません’

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ニュージャージーを拠点とする米国. エスターサラス地区裁判官, 51, 20歳の息子と一緒にいた, ダニエルマークアンデル, 7月の夜にノースブランズウィックの家の地下室で 19 2020 ドアベルが鳴ったとき. 一瞬...

フロリダAGは裁判官の「嫌な」をリッピングします’ 聖域都市に対する州の禁止に反対する判決

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フロリダ州知事ロン・デサンティスは、法案に署名しました 2019 重要な優先事項として. 我ら. ベス・ブルーム裁判官, しかしながら, 火曜日に法律の一部を取り下げた, それは人種的に動機付けられており、証拠はなかったと述べています。.

Justice Clarence Thomas says judges are ‘asking for troublewhen they wade into politics

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On the verge of a new term in which the Supreme Court will wade back into the culture wars, Justice Clarence Thomas reflected Thursday on the role of the judiciary and warned against judges weighing in on controvers...

ジェイクポール, Tyron Woodley take issue with judgesscorecards during bout

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Paul and Woodley both criticized the judges in the split decision. Paul was awarded the victory while Woodley believed he had beaten the YouTube star. 一方, Paul was upset that one judge scored the fight...


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アーロンジャッジは9回裏2アウトでタイブレークシングルを打った, ジャンカルロスタントンが3試合連続でホームになり、ヤンキースがオークランドアスレチックスを破った 7-6 彼らの12番目のストレートのための木曜日の夜に...

Abbott’s order allowing Texas troopers to stop migrant transports faces judge’s injunction

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The injunction was handed down by District Judge Kathleen Cardone, who on Aug. 3 granted a request by the Justice Department for a temporary restraining order against Abbott’s move. The restraining order, which was s...


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水曜日に, インクルード "CNNニュースルーム" アンカーは、トランプ移民政策を支持するという最近の最高裁判所の決定について、CNN最高裁判所のアナリスト、ジョーン・ビスクピックと話しました. Sciuttoはすぐに保守的だと主張しました。.

Texas Supreme Court temporarily blocks judge’s order that prevented arrest of quorum-busting Texas Democrats

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The Texas Supreme Court has temporarily blocked a state district judge's temporary restraining order that had prevented the arrest of Texas House Democrats, who left the state last month in an attempt to stop the pa...

ジャイアンツ’ Sterling Shepard’s blunt message to those unhappy with Joe Judge’s style: ‘You’re welcome to leave

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Sterling Shepard, one of the veteran wide receivers who has been with the Giants since 2016, showed reporters Wednesday he bought into Judge’s way of doing things. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . "That's k...

Trump supporter ignoring judge’s order to remove anti-Biden signs from yard

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"It’s my First Amendment right, and I’m going to stick with that," Andrea Dick, a New Jersey Trump supporter, told the New York Times on Tuesday. NOEM SAYS SHE’S ‘COUNTING’ ON TRUMP RUNNING AGAIN IN 2024 ディック, 54, w.。.

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