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Biden unveils first slate of judicial nominees featuring diverse and history-making selections

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President Joe Biden on Tuesday unveiled a diverse slate of 11 judicial nominees, including three African American women for Circuit Court vacancies and a candidate who, if confirmed, would be the first Muslim Americ...

Hong Kong’s new Chief Justice has vowed to uphold the city’s judicial independence. Can he?

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Hong Kong The ceremonial beginning to Hong Kong's new legal year took place, as everything does these days, over video. Sat in the city's Court of Final Appeal, wearing a black robe, ruffed white collar and white fa...

New York judge orders judicial review of Eric Garner case

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Eric Garner's mother has won her bid for an investigation into New York City's handling of the arrest of her son, the disciplining of officers involved in his 2014 death and the lack of medical care he was given by ...