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My Covid life as a single mom: Like juggling bowling pins and chainsaws

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Kaylah Dessausure is a single mother of two from Wilmington, Delaware. She volunteers with the Kids Are Essential project and Think Babies to share her motherhood story. Die menings wat hier uitgespreek word, is haar eie. View mor...

White House juggling ‘multiple crisesbetween Afghanistan, Orkaan Ida, amptenaar sê

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Karine Jean-Pierre, White House deputy press secretary, held a press gaggle Friday aboard Air Force One en route to Louisiana, where President Biden is scheduled to meet with local leaders and take an aerial tour to ...

Here’s how one parent is juggling quarantines and school closures

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(KHN)My unvaccinated 7-year-old son began hacking and sneezing in late September as the hospitals in our home state of Montana started buckling under the latest Covid-19 surge. I took him to get tested when his symp...