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Suspect in shooting death of Temple University student arrested for carjacking in July then released

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Latif Williams, mercoledì sera, turned himself in to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Homicide Unit following the killing of 21-year-old Samuel Collington on Sunday. Officers that day responded to a 911 chiamata ...

Psaki won’t say if Biden wrong to declare victory over COVID in July

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Psaki was pressed during Thursday's press briefing on whether Biden was too confident a few months ago, prompting Psaki to sidestep the question. "This is an evolving virus, a smart virus that has produced additiona...

China reports no new local Covid-19 cases for first time since July, as Delta outbreak wanes

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Una versione di questa storia è apparsa nella newsletter di CNN While in China, un aggiornamento tre volte a settimana che esplora ciò che è necessario sapere sull'ascesa del paese e sull'impatto che ha sul mondo. Iscriviti qui. Hong Kong Chin...

July was the hottest month on record, amid extreme weather around the globe

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We just experienced the hottest month, as a planet, in any of our lifetimes -- and we saw the weather extremes that resulted from it. The global temperature in July 2021 was the highest for any July in the 142 years...

Biden said in July Taliban ‘overrunning everythingwas ‘highly unlikely

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"So the question now is, where do they go from here?" Biden said during a July 8 conferenza stampa. "The jury is still out. But the likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the who...

Mayorkas announces 212,672 migrant encounters in July, says border is ‘one of the toughest challenges we face

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Mayorkas, in a visit to the border in Texas, detto questo 212,672 migrants were encountered at the southern border in July, un 13% increase over the already massive 188,000 migrant encounters in June. Nel mese di luglio 2020, là...

Il mese scorso è stato il mese di luglio peggiore per gli incendi globali da allora 2003: rapporto

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Secondo The Guardian, gli scienziati del servizio di monitoraggio dell'atmosfera di Copernicus dell'Unione europea hanno scoperto che gli incendi si sono diramati 343 megatonnellate di carbonio durante il mese – una misura che è di circa un quinto...

Chicago surpasses 460 shooting incidents in July: polizia

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CHICAGO MAYOR LORI LIGHTFOOT ATTENDS LOLLAPALOOZA MUSICAL FESTIVAL AMID REINSTATING COVID RESTRICTIONS The Chicago Police Department reports a total of 461 shootings and 614 shooting victims for the month of July, su...

Watch the July full ‘buckmoon illuminate the sky tonight

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Lunar lovers, grab a cozy spot outside and set your sights to the southeast to gaze upon July's full moon, dubbed the "buck" Luna, as it rises Friday after sunset. The moon will reach peak illumination at 10:37 p.m...

Blue Jays will return to Toronto July 30 after getting Covid-19 exemption

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The Blue Jays announced Friday the team will return to Toronto after receiving a National Interest Exemption from the Canadian government, allowing the team to enter the country without having to adhere to the count...

Jeep turns 80: Here’s why July 15 is its anniversary

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luglio 15, 1941 marks the day that Willys-Overland signed its contract with the U.S. War Department to begin production of the Willys MB for the military to use during World War II. Ford also built a version of the tru...

Crossword Puzzle of the Week: luglio 12

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3-ragazzo di un anno ucciso a Buffalo, New York, oltre il weekend del 4 luglio muore, dicono le autorità

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Un bambino di 3 anni a cui hanno sparato durante il fine settimana del Giorno dell'Indipendenza a Buffalo, New York, è morto, secondo Kait Munro, una portavoce dell'ufficio del procuratore distrettuale della contea di Erie. Shaquelle Walker Jr. è stato sparato o...

TSA found 70 guns at checkpoints over July 4th weekend

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The number of guns found at airport checkpoints nationwide this year is fast approaching the number caught in all of 2020, dicono i funzionari, and the uptick is slowing down screening lines as masses of passengers return...

Questo giorno nella storia: luglio 8

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1947: The Roswell Daily Record, a New Mexico newspaper, quotes officials at Roswell Army Air Field as saying they had recovered a "flying saucer" that crashed onto a ranch; officials then say it was actually a weathe...

Travis Scott, Meek Mill fought at Fourth of July party in the Hamptons: rapporto

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Sources say the two rappers got into a loud verbal argument at the over-the-top soirée — which was thrown by 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, and attended by a host of stars including Jay-Z, Robert Kraft, Alex Rodriguez...