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Justice Democrats jump into 2022 primaries with Tennessee House race endorsement

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Justice Democrats, the progressive group that launched Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's historic 2018 campagna, made its first splash of the 2022 midterms on Monday by endorsing Nashville activist Odessa Kelly as she...

This program puts people to work serving America. Now it’s going to jump in size

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David Gergen has been a White House adviser to four presidents and is a senior political analyst at CNN. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he is a professor of public service at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he f...

Democrats jump on Republican divisions in effort to avoid midterm letdown

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Democrats tasked with protecting majorities in the House and Senate are seizing on deep divisions within the Republican Party, hoping that stoking the discord could help them overcome the legacy of losses the party ...

Two people were charged with murder after forcing a girl to jump on a trampoline as punishment, dice la polizia

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Two people in Texas have been charged with capital murder after forcing an 8-year-old girl to jump on a trampoline under extreme heat as punishment, ha detto la polizia. The girl died of dehydration on August 29, Odessa Po...

Insect-inspired robots that can jump, fly and climb are almost here

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Picture a robot. Did you envision a giant machine assembling cars, Data from "Star Trek," C-3PO from "Guerre stellari" o "The Terminator"? Most of us would probably think of something massive -- or at least human size. ...