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Elliot Page, ‘Juno’ estrella, shares transgender identity

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Meet Elliot Page. El martes, the Oscar-nominated star of movies like "Juno" y "X Men: Days of Future Past" shared with fans that they are transgender and identify as non-binary, a term used to describe a person ...

NASA’s Juno spacecraft flew over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot twice. This is what it found out

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Scientists revealed the latest discoveries on Jupiter, including surprising findings about the planet's Great Red Spot and the cyclonic storms swirling at the poles, in a NASA press conference on Thursday. The Grea...

NASA’s Juno mission captures first closeup images of Jupiter’s largest moon in a generation

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The largest moon in our solar system got its first close-up in more than 20 years on Monday. NASA's Juno mission took the images as it swung within 645 millas (1,038 kilómetros) of Ganymede's surface during a flyby,...