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Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary reflects on ‘Just Causes,’ the story behind ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’

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Die sanger/liedjieskrywer, bekend as die "Paul" in the ‘60s folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary, recently released "Just Causes," a compilation of 15 liedjies, each highlighting a theme of social concern, including the environmen...

Nikole Hannah-Jones declines UNC tenure, accuses college of racism: ‘Just not something I want anymore

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She will instead be the inaugural Knight Chair in Race and Reporting at Howard University, sy het vertel "CBS vanoggend" anchor Gayle King. UNC had initially denied Hannah-Jones tenure following backlash to her signatu...

Mom of 3 faces $163K COVID-19 hospital bill: ‘Just get the vaccine

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Charneseya Moye, a corrections officer from Raleigh, North Carolina gave birth to a son on Jan. 27. She was hesitant to receive a COVID-19 vaccine during her pregnancy, and soon contracted the virus on April 29. Die ...

Melania Trump 'wil net huis toe gaan’

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In die middel van November, toe president Donald Trump teen die verkiesingsuitslae te staan ​​gekom het, sy vrou, presidentsvrou Melania Trump het in die openbaar met sy sentimente saamgestem. Maar privaat, 'n handjievol dae na die finale stand, t ...

Kentucky tornado survivor ‘just thankful to be hereafter losing home in deadly weekend storms

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BIDEN TO TRAVEL TO KENTUCKY TO SURVEY DAMAGE FROM EXTREME WEATHER Lindsey appeared on "Amerika se Newsroom" Dinsdag, expressing her gratitude to be alive and her many "blessings" despite the tragic weekend. "We're j...

Kate Hudson playfully mocks photo filters in Instagram post: ‘Just let me live’

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Die "Amper bekend" actress and fashionista, 41, took to the ‘Gram and shared a video of herself testing out one of the new filters that has become part of the allure of social media – only this one enlarges a person...

Julia Roberts shares rare photo with husband Daniel Moder for 19th anniversary: ‘Just getting started’

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Die "Pretty Woman" uitvoerder, 53, shared a sweet selfie snap to Instagram on Sunday as the pair rang in their 19th wedding anniversary from the sandy confines of a beach. "19 jare. Net besig om te begin!" Roberts wro...

Jazz star Donovan Mitchell on harassment of Grizzlies player’s family: ‘Just terrible and ridiculous

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Tee Morant, Ja’s father, told ESPN he and his wife were subjected to racist taunts during Game 2 of the series between the Jazz and Grizzlies. He said the fans went "beyond heckling" and told him at one point "I'll p...

Javier Bardem calls Woody Allen allegations ‘just gossipif not ‘legally proven

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In 1992, Allen's daughter Dylan Farrow claimed her father molested her when she was seven years old. He denies the allegations and was cleared by two investigations at the time. "Pointing fingers at someone is very ...

Hier is * net * hoeveel Kongres getwiet het 2020

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Wetgewers het vanjaar heelwat meer twiets as wette opgelewer, volgens nuwe gegewens. Dit, uit 'n nuwe verslag oor die Kongres se gebruik van sosiale media in 2020 Maar deur, 'n DC-gebaseerde maatskappy vir openbare sake wat sosiale media dophou..

Gowdy blaas die regering as 'inkonsekwent'’ aanbevelings vir koronavirus: 'Vertel ons net die waarheid’

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Die CDC het individue weereens aangeraai om maskers te dra wanneer hulle binnenshuise ruimtes inneem - ongeag hul inentingsstatus - in 'n poging om die hoogs oordraagbare delta -variant te beperk wat steeds voortgaan om sy ....

Fauci: Americans may ‘just have to deal withmore COVID boosters

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Fauci made the statement on Sunday morning and said that the level of protection that the current coronavirus booster shots give to individuals will have to be monitored closely over the next several months. "If it b...

Emily kameraad: Kamala Harris’ border trip was ‘just for PR to get the media off her back

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"We are seeing a host of migrants and migrant children being kept in devastating conditions, and the administration just flushes them out throughout the system and claims they’re being taken care of, but really they’...

Detective who lost a leg in crash adopts dog with prosthetic legs: ‘Just like me

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They adopted Chloe, a 9-year-old Shih Tzu with double-amputated back legs, after a successful three-month fostering run, according to a press release from the San Diego Humane Society. DEAF SHEEPDOG LEARNS SIGN LANGU...

Dana Perino: Kamala Harris se grensopdrag van die begin af 'verbysterend', enigste antwoord is om 'net te gaan'

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DANA PERINO: Die strategie van die begin af was baie verbysterend. U dink aan die rede waarom sy die grensprobleem toegeken het. Daar is aan haar gevra of sy na die grens sou gaan en sy het dit gelag, en om m ...

Collins says she was ‘appalledUtah Republicans booed Romney and GOP not led by ‘just one person

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Sy. Susan Collins said Sunday that she was "verskrik" to see fellow Republican Sen. Mitt Romney was booed by members of his state party for his votes to convict Donald Trump during the former President's impeachmen...