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Philadelphia juvenile’s failed robbery turns violent, man shot while with woman and baby: verslag doen

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Philadelphia police told Fox 29 that reports of the incident came in at 12:10 am. Responding officers found a 23-year-old man shot in the shoulder in the Old City neighborhood. A private vehicle transported him to ...

Rondom 20 juveniles attempted to take over a youth correctional facility in Louisiana, sê die polisie

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Oor 20 juveniles housed at a youth correctional center in Bridge City, Louisiana, attempted to take control of areas within the facility Thursday evening, polisie gesê. The incident at Bridge City Correctional Cen...

Texas police arrest 4 males, insluitend 2 juveniles, in connection to threats against school: verslag doen

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The threats came two days after 19 elementary school students and two teachers were killed in a mass school shooting in Uvalde on Tuesday, leading to threats from a handful of copycat actors across the state in the d...

Baltimore shootings leave 2 juveniles dead, 4 others wounded in span of 1 uur

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The shootings began around 5:25 nm. when officers walking on foot heard gunshots near the 1700 block of Cole Street, Baltimore police said. PHILADELPHIA TOP COP VOWS ‘JUSTICE’ FOLLOWING BROAD DAYLIGHT ATTACK THAT LE...

Carjackings on the rise nationwide, investigators say many juveniles responsible

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It seemed like a normal winter afternoon in southwest Minneapolis for Julie Wicklund and her 14-year-old daughter. "My situation happened on a Sunday afternoon. My daughter and I were having lunch when an individ...

Three Illinois juveniles charged in high school parking lot shooting that injured two teens

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The male suspects, ouderdomme 15, 16, en 17, all face two counts each of attempted murder and aggravated discharge of a weapon, the Rockford Police Department said. SUSPECT IN ILLINOIS DEPUTY'S DEATH HAS MORE CHARGES ADD...

Skiet op 'n huispartytjie in Kalifornië met amper 200 jeugdiges blare 1 dood, nog 'n gewonde

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Die polisie het gereageer op 'n berig oor 'n musikale steurnis deur 'n groot partytjie 10:19 nm. Saterdag by 'n huis op die 1400 blok Navarro Drive in Sunnyvale, geleë in die noordweste van Santa Clara County aan die hawe ...

Four people were killed, including two juveniles, in separate shootings over three hours in the Kansas City area

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Four people were killed, including two juveniles, in a series of shooting incidents over a three-hour period Tuesday in the Kansas City area, amptenare gesê. The latest burst of deadly violence comes as the US faces...

DC police suspect juveniles behind another deadly stolen car crash

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The crash occurred just before 1:30 am. Sunday in the northeast portion of the city, involving a Nissan running a red light and hitting a Toyota Camry, which struck a nearby home. The two people in the Nissan fled, ...