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Karol G takes nasty fall down stairs during sold-out concert in Miami

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The artist, 30, was performing at the FTX Arena Friday to a sold-out crowd when she tried to descend a set of stairs on stage. She tripped and tumbled down several, hitting the ground hard at the bottom.  Videos post...

Karol Markowicz: The war on parents is real

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The latest front began with a letter from the National School Board Association on September 29th. In it, the NSBA compared concerned parents speaking up at school board meetings to "domestic terrorists" and called f...

Karol Markowicz: Biden’s at the beach as crises mount and our cheerleader media shrugs

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After yet another weekend out of sight, Americans should be wondering if our president even wants the job.  Joe Biden’s campaign was famous for calling early "lids," that is sending his traveling press home for the d...

Karol Markowicz: Cuomo’s outrageous conduct as governor must never be forgotten

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But Cuomo's behavior throughout the coronavirus pandemic should remain front and center as the governor disappears in our rearview mirror. He did egregious things to New Yorkers while the liberal media treated him li...

Karol Markowicz: Cuomo sexual harassment probe — what will it take for corrupt governor to finally quit?

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While most headlines focus on Gov. Cuomo, the "sexual harasser," his behavior went well beyond harassment. Unwanted kisses on the lips, the grabbing of butts and thighs, is not harassment, it is assault.  Yet James, ...

Karol Markowicz: COVID and our kids — stop the masking misery and let our children live

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This, even as fresh evidence mounts that kids aren’t at risk from COVID-19 and aren’t spreaders — and that school closures do them grave harm. A study out of the UK released last week proved — once again — what we’ve...

Karol Markowicz: It’s my America-versary – I’m grateful for the US and it shouldn’t be wrong to celebrate it

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We will toast our luck and declare: The United States is the greatest country in the history of the world, and we are so grateful to wake up here. Saying so shouldn’t make anyone uncomfortable. But it does. It’s a t...

Karol Markowicz: It’s our patriotic duty to shop local and quit Amazon

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MARKOWICZ: I think post-pandemic the number one thing we should do is shop locally in our communities. We've had boarded up storefronts in our neighborhoods, boarded up main streets all over the country, and I think ...