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Turley on landmark SCOTUS abortion case: Kavanaugh delivered ‘haymakersto pro-choice side

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SUPREME COURT HEARS MISSISSIPPI ABORTION CASE THAT COULD OVERTURRN ROE V. WADE: LIVE UPDATES JONATHAN TURLEY: What I thought was most interesting was Kavanaugh. I think a lot of pro-choice supporters hope that he mig...

Eyes on Roberts, Kavanaugh and Barrett as SCOTUS considers Texasabortion ban

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Since the challenge to a Texas abortion ban first reached the Supreme Court two months ago, the justices have conferred only in private over the law that flouts nearly a half century of abortion-rights rulings. En ...

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh tests positive for COVID-19

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Kavanaugh learned of the positive test Thursday evening, ahead of Justice Amy Coney Barrett's ceremonial investiture Friday morning, according to a news release from the court. The Supreme Court announced J...

Justice Brett Kavanaugh tests positive for Covid-19

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Justice Brett Kavanaugh has tested positive for Covid-19, the Supreme Court said Friday. Kavanaugh, who is fully vaccinated, tested positive on Thursday night, the court said in a statement, and his immediate family...

Cruz grills Biden judicial nominee over statement calling Kavanaugh ‘intellectually and morally bankrupt

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Cruz went after Jennifer Sung, Biden’s nominee for U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, for her signature on the open letter from Yale Law students and alumni denouncing the then-Supreme Court nominee. The le...

Su. Marsha Blackburn: Democrats ‘spent enough time and moneytrying to ‘trashKavanaugh

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En "Domingo por la noche en América," Blackburn discussed several Democrat lawmakers calling for the FBI to reinvestigate Justice Kavanaugh as well as calls for his impeachment. She emphasized to Gowdy that these actions are...

Leo Terrell: Cuomo vs. Kavanaugh is classic example of ‘rules for thee, not for me

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CUOMO SEXUALLY HARASSED MULTIPLE WOMEN IN VIOLATION OF STATE AND FEDERAL LAW, NY AG FINDS LEO TERRELL: This is really embarrassing. It's a classic example of rules for thee, but not for me. There was no evidence agai...

Biden ignores Pelosi’s call to extend eviction ban despite Kavanaugh opinion

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"Action is needed, and it must come from the Administration. That is why House leadership is calling on the Administration to immediately extend the moratorium," Pelosi, D-Calif., and her leadership team said in a Su...

The Kavanaugh news proves it’s impossible to have an apolitical Supreme Court

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New revelations about the paper-thin look the FBI took into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his 2018 confirmation fight is a potent reminder that even the nation's highest court is now infected with par...

Shapiro questions ‘high hopesfor ‘markedly unambitiousBarrett and Kavanaugh as SCOTUS ends term

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"Hasta aquí, we have seen little from either Barrett or Kavanaugh to justify conservatives' high hopes for them," Shapiro told Fox News. "To be sure, they haven't engaged in David Souter-type liberal rulings, or Anthony ...

Justice Kavanaugh delivers blistering opinion after SCOTUS ruling: ‘The NCAA is not above the law

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Kavanaugh gave the concurring opinion after Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote the initial opinion. He said the NCAA’s compensation rules raise "serious questions under antitrust laws" and gave three points on the matter. Él...

'Peligro!’ Tournament of Champions sees teacher Sam Kavanaugh win $250,000 grand prize

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The show's Tournament of Champions ended with Kavanaugh, a substitute teacher, taking home the grand prize of $ 250,000 after he beat out contestant Jennifer Quail, a wine tasting consultant, and Veronica Vichit-Vad...

How Amy Coney Barrett has changed the Supreme Court in ways Kavanaugh hasn’t

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Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett has aligned most often with Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch in her first months on the bench. Yet as the court enters the final weeks of its annual session, Barrett is also s...

Eyes on Barrett, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch as Supreme Court decides Obamacare’s future

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The Supreme Court's new review of the Affordable Care Act presents a test for the three justices appointed by President Donald Trump, as health insurance for millions of Americans is at risk and the court's legitima...

El secretario de estado de Vermont le pide formalmente a Kavanaugh que corrija la opinión

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El secretario de estado de Vermont le pidió formalmente al juez de la Corte Suprema, Brett Kavanaugh, que corrigiera una opinión que escribió el lunes y que decía erróneamente que Vermont no había realizado cambios en sus reglas electorales debido al pand Covid-19..