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Spencer Davis, ’60s rocker behind ‘Keep on Running,’ で死んだ 81

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Spencer Davis, bandleader of The Spencer Davis Group who produced the hits "Keep On Running" そして "Gimme Some Lovin'," の年齢で亡くなりました 81. Musician Steve Winwood, a member of The Spencer Davis Group, led trib...

Indians are telling their 18 million-strong diaspora to keep out of their affairs

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When American author Meena Harris tweeted criticism of the Indian state's clampdown on farmers protesting agricultural reforms, nationalist counter-protesters responded by burning her portrait. Hundreds of Indians b...

ジェラルドリベラ: The urban crime spikes show government unable to keep us safe

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Rivera called the movement to defund police in several Democrat-run cities the "most self-defeating social movement of our time," saying the anti-cop activism is "ナンセンス" that is leading to a "weapons-based civil w...

Jennifer Lopez can’t keep her eyes off of Ben Affleck during Italian getaway

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Just days after the two stars made their romantic reconciliation Instagram official, they were spotted enjoying time together during an Italian getaway. For their day out-and-about, Lopez donned a simple white shirt ...

ラトガース’ Greg Schiano takes issue with Michigan State’s Mel Tucker using ‘keep choppingmantra

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An apparent rivalry is also budding between the two schools over the use of the phrase "Keep Chopping." Michigan State coach Mel Tucker used the phrase after beating Western Kentucky last week to move to 5-0 on the s...

Can Mitch McConnell keep his colleagues in line on ‘election fraud’?

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On the same day that he -- 最終的に -- acknowledged President-elect Joe Biden's victory, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell began to grapple with the first leadership test of the coming Congress: Convincing his R...

メディアは、「死にゆく願い」を誇大宣伝した後、法廷パッキングに対するRBGの異議を無視します’ 選挙前に空席を維持する

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下院と上院の民主党員は木曜日に、最高裁判所の議席数を次のように増やす法案を正式に発表しました。 13 伝統的な9から, 表面上は 6-3 保守的な多数派のベンチに...

フリンストーンの家の所有者はカリフォルニアの町に定住します, 漫画に触発された追加を維持することが許可されます

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数年の戦いの後, ヒルズボロの町は、外のように見えるように設計された家を許可することを決定しました "フリントストーン" 最近プロパティに追加されたものを保持する. 町は以前に取っていた。.

How to build a stronger brain, according to Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book ‘Keep Sharp

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Dana Santas, として知られている "Mobility Maker," is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and mind-body coach in professional sports, and is the author of the book "Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief." S.。.

ミネアポリスの警察官は、電話への応答全体を通してボディカメラをオンにしておく必要があります, 新しいポリシーによると

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ミネアポリスの警察官は、事件への対応の過程でプライベートな会話を行うためにボディカメラを無効にすることはできなくなります, 月曜日からの声明によると。.

シカゴサンタイムズの編集委員会は、トランプの禁止を支持するというFacebookの決定を祝う: 「そのままにしておきましょう’

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"アメリカにとって朗報: トランプはまだ浴室の壁を走り回ることに追いやられている," 水曜日に読んだSun-Timesの社説の見出し. Facebook監督委員会は前大統領に有利な判決を下しませんでしたが, 私...

Here’s what is actually in the Texas election bills Democrats keep comparing to Jim Crow

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Passage of the legislation, dubbed House Bill 3, cannot occur without a two-thirds quorum of its 150 メンバー. のみ 80 の 150 members were present on Tuesday. 加えて, Texas Senate Republicans are trying to pa...

マリナーズは9位で大谷を歩く, ペースを保つために天使を遠ざける

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9回に1ランリードにしがみつく, マリナーズは型破りな動きをしました. 彼らは大谷翔平を誰も乗せずに意図的に歩いた, 潜在的な抱き合わせの実行をベースに置く. 大谷アドバンストt ...

Pelosi says she will run for Speaker again if Democrats keep control of the House

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that she would seek another term as Speaker of the US House of Representatives if the Democrats keep their majority in the chamber after the November election. "Yes I am," Pelo...

A Mexican restaurant in Texas is requiring people to keep wearing masks. Some are threatening to call ICE on the staff

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As Texans looks ahead to the mask mandate ending and businesses reopening fully on Wednesday, one Houston restaurant is dealing with hateful comments because it said it will require customers to keep wearing masks. ...

‘I keep subscribing to live in the United States’: Two generations of DACA remain frustrated by a dream deferred

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Undocumented immigrants who arrived to the United States as children have been banking on an Obama-era program to shield them from deportation for years, living in a state of perpetual limbo and waiting for either l...

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