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ブリットヒューム: ‘UnscrupulousDemocrats tear down statues to keep racism afloat for political currency

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"Tearing down a statue or moving it out of sight or whatever they want to do is not going to change the life of one kid in Harlem or New York or anywhere else. These are empty gestures designed to fan the flames of r...

Trump sues to keep White House records secret, claiming executive privilege

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Former President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit Monday in DC District Court against the House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection and the National Archives in an effort to keep records from his p...

Top Biden officials keep being MIA during crises

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The media wasn't notified until two months later that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had taken a parental leave in mid-August to care for his newborn twins. Buttigieg’s office told Politico on Thursday that ...


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博士. Janette Nesheiwat: We are bringing the COVID pandemic to an end. Here’s how to keep the trend going

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No longer are the days of hopelessness and no tools in our arsenal to fight COVID. I recall the days early in the pandemic when all I had was oxygen, inhalers, supportive care. But now we are blessed. We have a vari...

ホールデン & パイ: トランプは保守派を刑事司法改革の指導者にした. そのように保つ方法は次のとおりです

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ラトガース’ Greg Schiano takes issue with Michigan State’s Mel Tucker using ‘keep choppingmantra

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An apparent rivalry is also budding between the two schools over the use of the phrase "Keep Chopping." Michigan State coach Mel Tucker used the phrase after beating Western Kentucky last week to move to 5-0 on the s...

Shannen Doherty provides cancer update: ‘I’m going to keep fighting to stay alive

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ザ・ "チャームド〜魔女3姉妹" 女優, 50, addressed her battle with stage 4 cancer during a Monday appearance on "グッドモーニングアメリカ" and said she’s busy "living life" as if she isn’t fighting for her life. "I never want to opera...

レディーガガは、トニーベネットがアルツハイマー病の戦いの中で彼女の名前を言った瞬間を思い出します: 「私はそれを一緒に保たなければなりませんでした」

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歌姫は最初にクルーナーと協力しました 2014 彼女のジャズアルバムのために "頬から頬へ。" 彼らはこの夏、タイトルの新しいアルバムのために再会しました "販売のための愛," ラジオシティミュージックホールでの彼の最後のコンサートと同様にb ...

プレスコット, Cowboys keep rolling with 36-28 win over Panthers

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Elliott finished with 143 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries as the Cowboys (3-1) rolled up 245 yards on the ground after the Panthers allowed just 135 total in the first three games. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVE...

The tradition traces back to the 1700s. These women are fighting to keep it alive through online retail.

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Many African cultures in the United States have been fighting to keep their traditions and unique way of life alive, そしていま, an online retail outlet is helping the Gullah community in Charleston, サウスカロライナ, us...

ブライアンランドリーマンハント: Dog the Bounty Hunterは、何百万人もの人々に影響を与えた場合に備えて、チップを提供し続けると言います

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その後、FBIはワイオミングのキャンプ場で彼女の遺体を発見し、ランドリーは夜中に忍び寄りました–より多くの質問を提起し、いくつかの答えを明らかにしました. デュアン "犬" チャップマン, Dog the BountyHunterとしても知られています, に参加し ...

Jansen, Springer homer, Blue Jays beat Twins, keep pressure

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Toronto will enter the final week one game back for the second AL wild card. The New York Yankees and Boston were tied for the wild-card lead heading into their game on Sunday night. Toronto won the final two games o...

レッズはナショナルズを敗走させる 9-2 スリムなプレーオフの希望を生かすために

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シンシナティは3連勝し、Stに6ゲーム差をつけています。. 残り6試合の2番目のNLワイルドカードのルイ, フィラデルフィアと結ばれる. で 81-75, レッズは、最初のタイミングで連続した負けないシーズンを確保しました。.

シーガー 2 人事, ウリア, ドジャースが100位に勝つ, NL西地区でペースを保つ

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ワールドシリーズチャンピオンのドジャースは、恒星の年を続けました, しかし、それでもサンフランシスコジャイアンツに匹敵するのに十分ではないかもしれません, NL西地区で2試合先を行く. シーガーとトレイターナーは両方とも彼らを襲った 100...

ジェシー・ワターズ: Biden’s failures keep piling up

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ジェシー・ワターズ: Welcome to Watters World, I’m Jesse Watters. The jig is up for Joe Biden. His credibility is shot. The president’s approval rating hitting a new low of 43% as his failures keep piling up. In Afghanista...

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