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Kellyanne Conway lays out flaws in Biden’s climate agenda

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KELLYANNE CONWAY: Wel, what a wildly unpopular president who's every minute of nearly 80-years-old talks about transitioning. You know that that's not going to happen. So Sean this is what's fascinating. If the pres...

Kellyanne Conway says neither Kamala nor Biden ‘inspire confidence or demonstrate competence

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KELLYANNE CONWAY: You know it is so fascinating, is dit nie, that when the Democrats now are coming out of the woodwork and saying somehow a guy who wasn’t too old 18 months ago is too old now, and infirm, they stop sh...

What was the Left expecting of President Biden?: Kellyanne Conway

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SOME TOP DEMOCRATS KEEP THEIR DISTANCE AS BIDEN STOPS IN OHIO ON WEDNESDAY KELLYANNE CONWAY: If you are a senator — a Democratic senator — up in 2024, you won in 2018 in Donald Trump's midterm elections. You're Kyrst...

Kellyanne Conway: Januarie 6 committee making big mistake not cross-examining witnesses

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KELLYANNE CONWAY: That's what they do and they really make folk heroes out of anyone who's willing to become go from working for Donald Trump, wanting to continue to work for Donald Trump to becoming part of the resi...

Kellyanne Conway: Biden is not paying attention to the American people

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NBC, WAPO, CNN DROP DAMNING REPORTS ON WH TURMOIL, SUGGEST ISSUES PLAGUING BIDEN WEREN'T CAUSED BY HIS ADMIN KELLYANNE CONWAY: Vir een of ander rede, the only person not paying attention to all of these polls is Joe Biden...

Kellyanne Conway defends Trump (meestal), rips the media, chides her husband

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In a strikingly personal memoir, she also says her marriage to George Conway, one of Trump’s fiercest critics, is in trouble. In "Here’s the Deal," the former White House counselor says she told Trump after the last ...

Kellyanne Conway blasts Hillary Clinton for pushing unvetted Trump-Russia collusion claims

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PROSECUTORS SET TO CALL FORMER FBI OFFICIALS TO THE STAND AS WEEK TWO OF THE SUSSMANN TRIAL CONTINUES KELLYANNE CONWAY: Robby Mook and others are under oath in a courtroom on the record. This is not a Twitter spat. T ...

Kellyanne Conway previews memoir, Fox Nation special ‘Here’s the Deal’: ‘God had his wayin Trump’s 2016 wen

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TRUMP REACTS TO TESTIMONY THAT CLINTON SPREAD RUSSIA ALLEGATIONS: ‘WHERE DO I GET MY REPUTATION BACK?’ The former counselor to President Trump previewed her new memoir and Fox Nation special, "Here's the Deal," durin...

Kellyanne Conway asks what happened to the Democratic Party’s ‘youth

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KELLYANNE CONWAY: The Democratic Party prides itself on saying they're about youth, energie, optimism. They have a bunch of angry, old, white octogenarians running their party. It starts at Joe Biden. It also includes...

Democratic Party has taken ‘extremeposition on abortion: Kellyanne Conway

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"The Democratic Party has really veered to the extreme on the issue of abortion," she told host Bret Baier. "A majority of Americans disagree with the Democratic Party platform, met [President] Biden, [Vice Preside...

Kellyanne Conway: The theme of Biden’s presidency is ‘No Country for Old Men

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KELLYANNE CONWAY: The theme of his presidency really is "Geen land vir ou mans." And you've got Elizabeth Warren now not thinking that Joe Biden's first 15 months was socialist enough, so she'll go back in there. Soos ...

Kellyanne Conway blasts President Biden for ignoring the concerns of Americans

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KELLYANNE CONWAY: So, anyway you look at it, this is a country in crisis, chaos, crisis and the president is not doing anything about it. Look … at the polls. Climate change and COVID are now way below inflation, imm...

Kellyanne Conway shocked at how stubborn Biden is with his agenda

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KELLYANNE CONWAY: Joe Biden's got nobody happy. I think the only thing declining more than Joe Biden's approval ratings is Joe Biden. And people now see that they're talking about 2024. I find that to be very arrogan...

Kellyanne Conway: Biden border policies are based on ‘spiteand it’s why Democrats are turning on him

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21 STATES NOW SUING BIDEN ADMIN'S TITLE 42 ROLLBACK, CALLING DECISION A ‘SELF-INFLICTED CALAMITY’ KELLYANNE CONWAY: And on this issue of immigration, I think they all look at it through the Donald Trump lens, and tha...

Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden’ Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden

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Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden "Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden" Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden, Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden. Harris geniet 'n 35% Harris geniet 'n.

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