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Suo. Kennedy dà fuoco alla spesa eccessiva della DC in seguito al rapporto sul PIL: La conclusione è che l'economia fa schifo

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DEMS SLAM 'LUCY MANCHIN' PER BLOCCARE LA NORMATIVA SUL CLIMA, MA NON VOGLIO LASCIARLO FUORI DALLA PARTY SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: Il presidente Biden si rifiuta di riconoscerlo. Dice di sì, ma la disoccupazione è bassa. La disoccupazione è l...

Biden’s inflation a ‘cancer on the American dream’: Sen John Kennedy

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Kennedy, R-La., told Fox News on Tuesday he is thankful the president has almost recovered from his bout with coronavirus, noting he still holds strong views toward his policies. "Dopo 18 mesi, we know what Presid...

Sen John Kennedy dice che Biden è come una vecchia Buick: 'Alcuni giorni inizia, e altri giorni no’

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JOHN KENNEDY: Bene, Il presidente Biden sta chiaramente lottando. Ha lottato oggi in Medio Oriente e non ne provo gioia. Mi fido del popolo americano, e penso che il popolo americano abbia capito le cose. io non...

Sen John Kennedy rivela come combattere il crimine nelle città blu

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Kennedy ha chiamato i sindaci di tali città "pagliacci," dicendo al conduttore Jesse Watters che la loro leadership è "non funziona." IL GIUDICE JEANINE HA UN MESSAGGIO PER IL SINDACO DI NEW YORK CITY ERIC ADAMS: INIZIA A CAMMINARE LA PASSEGGIATA Dovrebbero "potenziare"...

Suo. Kennedy rips ‘wokeleft for intimidating Supreme Court justices: ‘What you allow is what will continue

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FOX NEWS SONDAGGIO: MAJORITY DISLIKES PROTESTS OUTSIDE SUPREME COURT JUSTICES' HOMES SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: This is more than just about abortion. It's about respect for American institutions. I think most people can say that...

Tim Kennedy: Rescue of Benjamin Hall from Ukraine was ‘most beautiful, heroic story of selflessness

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Kennedy shared the story behind his work with the nonprofit organization Save our Allies and his new book, "Scars and Stripes." Kennedy has had a long, exciting career serving America and received a Bronze Star, amon...

Suo. Kennedy: American people don’t believe Biden’s claim that he doesn’t control gas and oil prices

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SUO. JOHN KENNEDY: On inflation here is what the American people see. President Biden gave Americans three $ 600 controlli dello stimolo. E poi, for his next trick, he crashed their 401(K)s and increased their gasoline b...

Suo. Kennedy slams ‘wokeBiden appointees: ‘They think Washington is America

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BIDEN EXPECTED TO BE OUT OF THE COUNTRY WHEN TITLE 42 EXPIRES SEN. KENNEDY: What our resolution is intended to do is to try to get the Biden administration to focus on those issues that moms and dads are worried abou...

Ingraham: Democrats sounding more like Xi than Kennedy as they censor opposition

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LAURA INGRAHAM: When the CCP sees dissent building anywhere inside of China, it moves really quickly to shut it down, scrubbing all of it from their social media, such as what happened over the weekend when more than...

Suo. Kennedy: Biden needs to stop being a ‘chumpand fire all the ‘wokerswho caused inflation

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DAVID ASMAN TORCHES BIDEN'S INFLATION PLAN: CHANNEL GEORGE COSTANZA AND 'DO EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE' SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: If I could sit down with the president today one-on-one here’s what I’d tell him. I’d tell him, Mr....

Suo. Kennedy: I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi"’

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"Primo, I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi", I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi". I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi", I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi".

Suo. Kennedy likens Biden’s crises to ‘the Hindenburg crashing into the Titanic

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Kennedy said it appears President Biden is probably more concerned about "the best cordless 3-in-1 mop" than he is about securing America's sovereign borders. Suo. John Neely Kennedy.

Kennedy blasts Disney boss, says he acted ‘without a spinein face of ‘Wokers

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Kennedy, R-La., told Fox News that Chapek was initially averse to getting involved in the matter but ultimately bowed to the minority of far-left "wokers" angry that Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the legislation, which ba...

la follia di marzo 2022: Michigan’s Juwan Howard consoles Tennessee’s Kennedy Chandler after 2nd round battle

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A hard-fought season ended in the early exit for Tennessee. Overcome with emotion, Chandler was seen on the floor in tears as he and his teammates headed home. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . Tenness...

Suo. Kennedy slams Biden’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a ‘wimp fest

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"I think it's clear that the leader of the free world is President Zelenskyy," Kennedy told host Sean Hannity, referencing Zelenskyy's speech to Congress Wednesday morning. "He and the Ukrainian people are tough as a...

Suo. Kennedy rips Biden’s response to Putin: ‘Bambi’s baby brother

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UKRAINE'S ZELENSKYY ADDRESSES CONGRESS, INVOKES 9/11, PEARL HARBOR, MLK AS HE PLEADS PIVOTAL AID JOHN KENNEDY: Biden has done some things right. It's a short list. The West has imposed sanctions on Russia's central b...